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You were standing in a barbeque line to get to your food. You spotted something good and the aroma coming from the stove kept your tummy yearning for more of those hot and spicy, not forgetting oily seafood platters. Those fish could well be safe for your diet as they are low in fat and high in protein but the method of preparation was a bit risky. There were spices and coconut milk in them. Grilling might sounds good but the amount of carbon accumulated might tarnish your health. You paused. You contemplated whether to follow the queue or to quit. Awww… those clams, mussels, scallops, shrimps and squids were too good to resist! There goes your diet plan. You lost your battle against your temptation to savor those fat-rich food again. Isn’t this what happened to us when we were trying to scale down our weight?

Well, there’s the good and evil in that. The good part would be that you have the best weight loss supplements to burn out all the fat that you had gained. The evil part would be that you just do not heed your health at all and fall into the obese category. Under a prediction by the World Health Organization, there would be about 2.3 billion overweight adults in the world by 2015 and more than 700 million of them will be obese. That’s an alarming figure, thus something has to be done to create the awareness on obesity before more people are down with obese related complications.

Obese related illness can be quite fatal. They include high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes type 2, congestive heart failure, heart diseases, stroke, gallstones and gallbladder disorders, gout, osteoarthritis, cancer, pregnancy complications, female reproductive health and so on. On top of that, there would also be the psychological disorders which would trigger depression, eating disorder and low self esteem due to unbalanced figures. Won’t it be better if we were to stay fit and healthy instead?

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As a food blogger, I had experienced going for food expedition from early in the morning until late at night. By the end of the day, there were hundreds to thousands of photographs that I had taken throughout the day and it ate up more than one gigabyte of my hard disc space when transferred. Even as an amateur photographer, I had utilized so much of my memory card, what more would you expect from a professional photographer?

Unless you are well equipped with extra batteries and memory cards to store all the shots, do not ever think that one gigabyte would be enough for high resolution photographs. Just look at a simple plate of lamb chop with all the beautifully garnished side dishes and greens in a restaurant that your are reviewing. You would be surprised that you may have taken more than thirty 4Mb or more per shot of all the angles in order to capture the perfect lighting without realizing it. If you were to have 10 different dishes, your one gigabyte memory card would have been overloaded.

In actual fact, one gigabyte of memory card would be able to store barely 250 shots of high resolution photographs. If you have a laptop by your side to store in all the photographs, then you have no worries. But there’s also the risk of being spoilt by means of misplacing, getting damp in wet situation or worst still being left unattended in a hot and humid weather. If you appreciate your work of art well enough, it’s always best to have backups in case of emergencies. Investing in more memory cards would not be a waste. Not only will they be your great partners in your adventurous expeditions, they would also help you store memorable moments that might come once in your life time. Moreover, they are not expensive.

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What would you do when are on a diet and you have a forth coming festive season where you would be having a lot of dinners and parties? Would you just sit down there and watch all the delicious food being passed around the table or would you jump in the fun and worry about getting fatter by the end of the celebration? I’m sure you would not miss your Mum’s favorite cooking such as the Lamb Shank nor would you want to miss out her Double Chocolate Cheese Moist Cake.

This is the common question posed by most people on strict diet. To me, it all lies in the controlling power of a person. There’s never a right or a wrong answer to whether a person can consume this dish or that dish. It should be a well balanced and complete diet. A meatless and sugarless diet may not be the ideal choice as it would drain your body of the energy to perform well in your daily activities.

You could still go for your Mum’s home cook food but then you might want to consider reducing the intake of some of the other fatty dishes or sugar rich beverages such as BBQ bacon or Iced Honey Cappuccino. After all, how many times a year would you get to enjoy your Mum’s home cook food when you are already having a family of your own elsewhere?

It’s all within your will power to be self disciplined. If you are having 15 minutes of exercises daily, then go for an extra 10-15 minutes for the next few days. That would help to reduce the weight you have gained. Just make sure that you do not skip the fat burning and diet pill you are on during your eating spree.

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It has been ages that I have this problem of not being able to stop my craving for certain types of food. Whenever I was at this specific area, I would drop by to eat until my tummy bloated up. Penang’s Pulau Tikus Market Hawker area is the place I was mentioning about. Who could resist the aroma from all those yummy hawker dishes floating in the air? Even without the aroma from the satay, fried koay teow, hokkien mee or curry mee, the colorful display of food on bamboo skewers spread on some tables with a boiling pot of water in the middle, would be enough to tempt just anyone.

It has been quite some time since I last had fried koay teow with duck egg. A plate of that might be great to fill up a part in my tummy. Maybe I would get some satay too. Hmm… some sticks of chicken and mutton meat would be great with the spicy pounded peanut sauce. Did I just smell BBQ seafood on banana leaf? I should get some BBQ stingray with a lot of spices on them. Gosh! Is that soaked cuttlefish with water crest? I have not had that for a long time too. I think a small plate will serve me well.

What was that colorful food in small containers that I have seen so many people carrying by me? Is there a new stall further down this stretch of food stalls? I think I ought to explore. Wow! There’s a new sushi corner. I could never get enough of sushi rolls as well. They have always been my favorite food. There are over 100 combinations ranging from unagi, egg, tuna, salmon, prawn, baby octopus, seaweed, soft shell crab, crabstick, fish roes, prawn roes, escargot, etc. They even have California rolls and some fruity yogurt sushi. Most cost barely RM1 ($0.30). I would have some takeaways for supper tonight.

Many of my friends were curious about the amount of my food intake and yet I could still maintain my slim body figure. Well, when you have the best weight loss pills around, you do not have to worry about cutting down some extra weights within the shortest time.

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What would you do if you are forced to attend your best friend’s birthday party when you are on a diet? There would surely be lots of food served but would you dare to break the rules of dieting? Don’t tell me you are really planning to bring some cucumbers and carrots to munch when there would be a wide spread of juicy steaks, delicious stuffed BBQ chicken, creamy rich double chocolate cheese cake and so on being displayed right in front of your eyes?

I had that dreadful experience just a few days back as I have to reduce 20lbs for some health reasons. My friend who underwent the same program as I did freaked out. He could not resist the temptation from all the delicious food on the table. I tried to resist with all my effort but in the end I was defeated. Well, if you can’t fight the crowd, join them. LOL!

In my mind, I was thinking that just a few bites for that day won’t really affect my weight problem. I was so wrong. From one tiny bite on the juicy steak, I ended up with plates after plates of all the fatty meat available at the party, not forgetting a triple helping of that delicious cheese cake. Before I realize it, I had already stuffed myself to the fullest.

I thought I could just get away with what I did that night but the more I thought about it the more food I gobble down my tummy. I ended up gaining 10lbs with acnes popping out on my face now. I almost gave up on the diet program but I felt guilty breaking the rules when I’m supposed to be a well self-discipline person. I guessed I better hunt around for the best diet pill to reduce some weight fast before my next appointment with my doctor.  He would surely scream looking at my size now.

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