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Gone are the days of setting up a store using the traditional way of writing receipts, checking on stocks, etc which in term would involved heavy manpower, time and paper work. With the advancement of technology and many Point of Sales (POS) solutions easily available in the market, anyone could well get their business started within minutes.<

Having barcodes tagged to the items have eased many companies to run their business smoothly. Barcodes can provide up-to-date information on key aspects of the business, enabling faster and accurate decisions to be made confidently. Moreover, fast-selling and slow selling items can be identified quickly. Thus, reordering or clearing of unwanted stock build-ups through clearance sales can be done without any hassles.<

So, what equipments do you need to make your business run smoother and more profitable? All you need to have are Base Windows powered PC with a store manager software, LCD Monitor, cash drawer, thermal receipt printer, barcode scanner with hands-free stand, magnetic card reader, pole display unit, mini keyboard, mouse, etc. You could always check with those POS solutions companies which would be glad to provide you with a quote for their bundled package that would cost much lesser if you were to purchase the equipments separately.

See! Starting a business has not been so easy without the availability of such wonderful equipments and systems. Set up your barcode systems today to save on more cost while improving the quality, on-time performance and other key business factors for the company.

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Don’t you hate it when you have a tight deadline and you would need to call your client to clarify on certain things before you could come out with a proposal but suddenly your mobile phone decided to die right in the grasp of your hand? I had that experience barely few days back. Luckily there was the office phone or the whole deal would have gone down the drain with all the efforts I had put in. Phew! Thank goodness!

Since I required only a simple phone without any built-in camera or complicated features, I purchased the LG KP110 at an amazing low price. The music phone is the latest version of LG’s bullet series, which constitutes one of the low priced GPRS enabled handset. There were a few enhanced features of the budget phone such as the FM Radio with the headset as the antenna and a MP3 playback where songs can be stored in the given 1GB micro sd card as in the bundled deal.

There were also the WAP connectivity, hands-free speaker, inbuilt anti-theft mobile tracker, vibration alert system, ability to store 500 phone numbers and 500 messages. The battery of the LG KP 110 is sufficient for 4 hrs talk time and 400 hours of standby time.

So far, I’m happy with the simplicity of the functions and also the elegant outlook of its design. Even the SMS function is using the T9 dictionary assist feature which made messaging rather easy. As for the MP3 playback, the sound is crystal clear. You can even change the player’s skin and set your equalizer to your music genre plus setting your music play list to shuffle or repeat mode. I would say it’s a great bargain for users like me.

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Penang and Kulim Pilot Broadband Project was one of the ongoing projects under the National Broadband Plan. MyBroadband WiFi is an initiative by the Ministry of Energy, Water, and Communication to increase the accessibility of Internet through the usage of broadband in Malaysia. This initiative will also enable the public to access key government’s web presences, and e-government services at any of the WiFi locations.

MyBroadband WiFi is implemented through a smart collaboration between the government, the community, and the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), whereby each party would contribute different resources to the initiative. Presently, we can see that ISP companies such as TM, PenangFon and Jaring were heavily involved in the test piloting of this project.

Incorporated as part of the Penang i-Land 2010 Masterplan, the project is designed to provide the necessary infrastructure to realize Penang as a fully connected state by 2010 with reliable, fast broadband and affordable network infrastructure. A few strategic districts such as Batu Ferringhi, Batu Maung, Bayan Baru, Bayan Lepas, Bukit Jambul, Bukit Mertajam, Gelugor, Gurney, Seberang Jaya, Sungai Ara, Sungai Dua, Sungai Nibong, Tanjung Bunga, Tanjung Tokong and Teluk Bahang have already had the service booted up. More districts in Penang as well as Kedah would be up soon.

If you would like to try out the FREE WIFI SERVICE, do register yourself an account at to be eligible to surf for free. If you would like to be a provider to make Penang’s dream to be fully connected by 2010, just log in the service provider form to sign yourself up.

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What do you understanding by the meaning of BPM? BPM is the acronym used for Business Process Management or sometimes as Business Performance Management. It is a set of processes that will optimize the business performance of an organization by making efficient use of the available resources such as human resources, financial resources, liquid assets, technologies and so on.

There are many available articles online as well as on books regarding BPM and this useful information is gaining lots of acknowledgements from companies all over the world. Not only would the process help the company in risk analysis, it would also forecast problems right at the root and give out alerts for immediate corrective measurements.

BPM would be useful for companies which are looking seriously into the meeting of the organization’s performance goals as the process would involve continuous feedback loops to ensure that the organization’s business processes are right on track to its strategies and is performing as expectations. Thus, the profits of the company would eventually increase too.

You should check out PROPHIX, the proud recipient of DM Review’s Innovative Solution Award for CPM and named “2008 Midmarket BPM Vendor of the Year” by BPM Partners. They deliver budgeting, forecasting, reporting, consolidation, personnel planning and other financial functions in a single solution. Their software is easy to use with minimal IT involvement which will provide the benefit of rapid implementation and a lower total cost of ownership.

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I had spent many month browsing through the web in search for a good HDTV for my living room. All the reviews and recommendations were detailed but I had some problems with the price tags. Some of the best would cost between $3K and $4.5K which was way beyond my budget.

After considering the prices for brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Pioneer, Samsung, LG and many others, I finally settled for Samsung HL52A650 which would cost me around $2K or more. Although it is relatively expensive and with a red frame, it has a superb black-level performance; highly accurate color; improved 120Hz de-judder video processing; fine standard-definition processing; broad selection of picture setup options; ability to display weather, news, and stock info onscreen; energy-efficient compared with most like-size LCDs.

Since this model is one of the top selling models in 2008, I better get it fast before it goes out of stock. I should also be looking for new tv lifts as my existing TV cabinet would not be able to fit in this new 52” LCD TV. I guessed I should not have any problems at all as I have already found out where to get the best deal.

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