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Have you heard about the Toronto‘s snow woes that sparked flight delays all across Canada? It was the worst nightmares for the staff of the country’s busiest airport as they had to handle dozens of delays and cancellations due to the major snow storm that had hit southern Ontario. Could you imagine there was as much as 25 centimeters of snow covering stretches from Windsor east to Kingston and as far north as Peterborough?

More than 350 of the 1,200 flights scheduled out of the Toronto‘s Pearson International Airport were either delayed or cancelled, causing a ripple effect within the connecting flights schedules.  Since the airport is one of the main connector hubs for flights to all points across Canada, delays affect schedules across the country.

The problem was that the airplanes could not leave their original airports due to the bad weather. Neither could most of the travelers who did not install snow chains to their tires to move through the snow filled roads to reach the airport on time. Everything just went havoc with the 60 km/h winds that reduced visibility on runways and roads alike. With the added rail cars to meet the increased volume, it did not help much in the long lineups. I guessed these woes would be gone once the weather conditions become more stable.

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