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Written by crizlai on Apr 14th, 2009 | Filed under: awareness, body, garden, health, home, life, lifestyle, product, rant, tips


How often did you hear someone telling you not to skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day? You might be wondering what the heck it has to do with you as you could save up a certain sum of money by skipping the meal. You are truly wrong about this misperception as breakfast is surely the most important meal of the day not because of anything else but for your health reason. Can you imagine yourself trying to start your car on an empty fuel tank? How would you expect the car to move without any fuel? The same principle applies to your body. It would not have the necessary energy to sustain your concentration and stamina for the rest of the day.

You might not realize the side effect of skipping breakfast which is going to make your body functions quite chaotic. You tend to eat more frequent and most of the time it would be food that would not contain the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. There are no fixed rules that breakfast must consist of cereal and bread. It could well be fruits or any leftovers. As long as you get your stomach filled prior to going out in the morning, you would be way safe with your “car engine”. You won’t get breakdowns or inconsistent filling up throughout the day. Thus, you would be more attentive and alert towards you daily duties.

Most of the time, I would have bread for breakfast but it’s getting really unhealthy with all those hidden ingredients. Can you imagine the long term consumption of those preservative filled fruit jams or even peanut butter? I would need something fresh, something that I could grow easily and have access to them conveniently. I was thinking of the hardy Blackberry plants which would easily grow on any type of soil. Won’t it be nice have fresh blackberries with cereals, fresh blackberry jams or even blackberry pies for breakfast? I’m anxiously waiting to purchase those yummy fruit plants now.

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Written by crizlai on Apr 1st, 2009 | Filed under: tips


Ever since the Great Depression in 1929, there have been signs of another hardcore financial crisis in 2009, thus pushing the world to fall into another expected recession. The growth in the World Gross Product (WGP) is expected to slow down this year but many developing countries would still be able to have a slight increase in WGP. The reasons behind this sharp reversal is that most of these countries would rely on buying their own local products, thus the profit earned would be circulated within the country without involving too much of foreign exchange. Not only were they trying to help their local economy, they also buy local products for convenience, better taste and the environment.

With more and more people trying to help out their country’s economy, sales of local products would be abundant. With so many choices available, there will surely be competitions amongst the locals to push their products at the lowest possible prices. This is when a sale person will have the most headaches trying to convince the distributor on purchasing their products as price would always be the main factor involved as most distributors would look into profitability rather than quality. That would be most obvious case during this recession period.

For anyone who had not gone through any formal sales training, he might not be able to cope to the demand of the distributors. Neither will he please his employer for not bringing in sales for the company. What would you do then? Would you reduce the pricing for your quality product just to please the distributors or would you stay stern to your pricing due to the quality and brand name? Well, either way will still work if you have the proper knowledge and skills to handle any scenarios. Do you have those?

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Written by crizlai on Mar 16th, 2009 | Filed under: bedroom, decor, home, living, tips


The bedroom should be the room where you feel most at home, where you can relax and make it into your personal haven for luxury. To get the most out from your bedroom, the first task would be to identify what you need to get the most space out of it. Make a list of your requirements such as place of sleep, storage for your belongings, dressing area which would include a mirror, seating area and even a place for your computer and television.

Once you have what you need, you can start planning how to best design your bedroom by incorporating your furniture and fitting by playing with hues. Be imaginative and practical as possible when planning to play with colors. Too contrasting the colors and you would end up making the bedroom looks smaller. On top of that, you may end up having bad moods the first thing you wake up from your sleep. You won’t want that to spoil your mood, would you?

Try going for pastel colors as it would make the bedroom looks larger and more spacious. Moreover, it would brighten up your mood instead of dark colors which would make you feel gloomy. The ultimate way to do that would be to play with shades of a color. There are four walls in your bedroom and one wall which you had intended to put your dressing furniture ought to be of a darker shade.

Another point to take note of would be your windows. How would you like them to be? You could always get some designed curtains with colors that would blend in well with your bedroom walls or you could even get some darker shades of window blinds. Try to be realistic by juggling with the right combination of colors. I’m sure your local shop would be able to provide some samples for you.

No matter what, do not ever over clutter your bedroom with unnecessary pieces of furniture. Having one too many obstacles within your bedroom would make you feel like getting out from it daily. It should be a sanctuary for you to relax instead.

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Written by crizlai on Mar 7th, 2009 | Filed under: family, home, internet, life, lifestyle, living, product, rant, solutions, stress, tips


The local Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been having some server issues for the past two weeks and browsing through some websites has been extremely slow. Needless to say, I even had problems accessing to my own websites. Instead of banging my head against the monitor and screaming for help trying to get all my online work done, I had decided to relax myself from getting more stress due to the internet access issues. What would be the next alternative when you have a bad connection issue? I would just laze in front of the TV, catching up with those movies that I had missed.

But then, what’s the point having the best HDTV Home Theater System at home when I can’t even have the full comfort to relax myself? I would love to pamper myself by lying on my sofa but it did hinder my other family members from utilizing it. To sit upright all the time indeed gave me more discomforts. I will need to get some solutions now but could I do? Should I buy more sofas for the living room should I get some bean bags to throw around my rugged areas?

Hmm… Why my neighbor never complained about the connection issues even though his whole family members were heavy internet users? They do look as relax as ever. Could it be the home theater seating he had purchased recently? I really had to go over now ask them about their secret. Gosh! Those chairs are darn comfortable! Not only was I able to relax fully on the soft cushions it has, I can even adjust it to a position that I would feel comfortable in. With his assurance that I would not have any regrets purchasing one, I’m surely going to head down town now to book my orders. Maybe I would just get the whole set for every single members of my family. They ought to have the comfort in life as well.

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Written by crizlai on Mar 3rd, 2009 | Filed under: food, memory, Photography, tips


As a food blogger, I had experienced going for food expedition from early in the morning until late at night. By the end of the day, there were hundreds to thousands of photographs that I had taken throughout the day and it ate up more than one gigabyte of my hard disc space when transferred. Even as an amateur photographer, I had utilized so much of my memory card, what more would you expect from a professional photographer?

Unless you are well equipped with extra batteries and memory cards to store all the shots, do not ever think that one gigabyte would be enough for high resolution photographs. Just look at a simple plate of lamb chop with all the beautifully garnished side dishes and greens in a restaurant that your are reviewing. You would be surprised that you may have taken more than thirty 4Mb or more per shot of all the angles in order to capture the perfect lighting without realizing it. If you were to have 10 different dishes, your one gigabyte memory card would have been overloaded.

In actual fact, one gigabyte of memory card would be able to store barely 250 shots of high resolution photographs. If you have a laptop by your side to store in all the photographs, then you have no worries. But there’s also the risk of being spoilt by means of misplacing, getting damp in wet situation or worst still being left unattended in a hot and humid weather. If you appreciate your work of art well enough, it’s always best to have backups in case of emergencies. Investing in more memory cards would not be a waste. Not only will they be your great partners in your adventurous expeditions, they would also help you store memorable moments that might come once in your life time. Moreover, they are not expensive.

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