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When was the last time you actually donated something for a worthy cause, whether it is in monetary forms or in kinds? If it has been ages, then you should start considering doing your bit in helping those in need out there. There are many non-profit organizations out there which require your donations, mostly in monetary forms. But I have come across one organization with a unique concept of donation. You can donate in kinds and yet still get full legal IRS tax deduction.

Have you heard about the angelic organization who called themselves the Car Angel Ministries ( Not only can you donate car, you can even donate boat, truck, trailer, RV, tractor, motorcycle or plane which you no longer utilize them. They will arrange for the sales of your donated items and generate the funds to either your preferred beneficiary or their own which includes helping out single mothers, orphans, homeless, teen and adult rehab, as well as prison reform.

One of their current projects is to create animated children’s DVDs, anti-drug movies and prison literature to be distributed free in the USA to create the awareness on rightful living values. Don’t you feel great that just by donating one item and you can help thousands of lives? Maybe you would like to watch their YouTube clips on how wonderful their movies are.

“Help Us Help Others”

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