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Written by crizlai on Sep 21st, 2009 | Filed under: awareness, environment, home, office, tips

I have been working in this office for the last few years and everything seemed to be fine until now. I have never felt so low in motivation and lethargic before. Something does not feel right here. It kind of felt like the whole working place turned so stuffy and stale. I even felt that my skin had gone dryer and dryer each day without the application of some hand and body moisturizing lotion. If solutions have not been found soon, I will end up an old hag in no time.

Could it be due to those humidifiers I have in the office? Maybe it’s time get those humidifier filters changed as I had not done so since I had first purchased them. By the look of those cracked wooden furniture near those humidifiers as well as the frequent static shocks I had experience recently, I guessed those humidifiers were the culprit behind all the dryness.

Ah! Finally I had all the humidifier filters changed. How much relieve I am in with a higher humidity level in the office now. Thanks to the replacement of the filters that I can at least work more comfortably in a cleaner office without loosing anymore moisture.

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Written by crizlai on Jul 3rd, 2009 | Filed under: company, environment, office, rant, solutions, tips


Many people thought that setting up an office would as easy as a piece of cake. Do you agree? Well, for me I would neither agree nor disagree. No matter how good the planning would be, there would always be some adjustments and add on to enhance the office to have a better working environment, not only for you but your bottom line. A lot of new establishments would take for granted that a simple layout with some basic office furniture would be presentable enough. It may be true for smaller companies which are not in the service industry but it somehow have the impact on the productivity, motivation and effectiveness of its workers.

You spent a great deal of time in the office and you also won’t want the office to be as gloomy and enclosed as a jail right? Lighting plays an important part in a working environment as it would make the office feel more workable and comfortable. There should be ample windows to let some natural light into the room on top of the ceiling and standing lights to make the place perfect to work by.

I’m sure most people would have known by now that having more personal work stations with the right office furniture would help your staff feel more homely. No matter what, get the right office furniture that would make you feel more comfortable. The chairs should be adjustable with proper arm support in order to have your feet flat on the floor. This would ensure good sitting postures while working long hours. On the other hand, the desk should be clever designed with proper hidden compartments to save some space. Hidden keyboards and mouse should encourage a parallel hand positions while typing and there should be ample space to stretch your legs.

There are so many ways you can improve your office working environment and it would take dozens of pages if I were to propose here. With your own creativity or with the right consultancy from any of your nearby office furniture planners, you could always consider the improvement of other areas in the office such as the pantry area, reception area, guest waiting area and many more. It’s worth the investment as better office furniture would surely ensure the productivity of the people in it.

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Written by crizlai on Sep 29th, 2008 | Filed under: company, life, office, party, rant, tips









Having a surprise party to congratulate a few of my staff on their recent promotions was sure a great one. It showed that with a harmonious working environment and teamwork, they had managed work hand in hand closely with everyone to seal the biggest contract ever in the history of the company. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Oh no! Whose smart idea was it to throw some confetti in the office to celebrate their success? Can you imagine the amount of those teeny weenie circles being scattered all over the carpet? Gosh! Even the hard reached corners had them. Don’t they know that it would be really hard to clear those mess they had created? I guessed I won’t want to spoil their joyous moods now. I would just get the cleaners to clear them after we had done with the party.

It would not be so hard for them at all after I had invested in a commercial carpet extractor cum cleaner as one of my office supplies for the company. I have seen them using that equipment and it sure helped make their lives so much easier. You should have seen how fast they had cleaned those hard reached corners. It was within seconds. I have never regretted making the investment ever since.

I'm thirsty for a drink now. Would you be kind enough to treat me?

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