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Written by crizlai on Jan 12th, 2009 | Filed under: awareness, beauty, confidence, life, lifestyle, solutions









If you have the time, try observing those people you walk by carefully. You would see that there are many different ways of walking that will clearly show the characteristic of a person. Some would walk with the chin up to show that they have the confidence to face whatever that would be present of them. Some would slouch as if they have a lot of worries or someone pushing them in their daily lives. Some even took short strides and this would clearly show that they are very indecisive about their surrounding.

From these body movements, you would know the level of confidence in each individual. Which of these two would you project yourself? Do you want to have the confident image in your life or would you like be the one always be indecisive in all the decisions you have to make in life?

It’s not solely on what you wear or the colors of your clothing that would make you a bore amongst your colleagues or friends. It’s how you carry yourself in front of them. Your posture is very important. Lift your chin and walk with your shoulders high, unbent waist with the legs locked. Never slouch or look on the ground as you walk. It would make you look shy and withdrawn. You might even need to get accustomed to shoes such as Manolo Blahnik shoes. Once you are in control of your walking skills in these shoes, you would have already mastered your level of confidence. Wherever you walk, you would feel like some great actresses walking down the walk of fame.

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