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Written by crizlai on Feb 11th, 2009 | Filed under: beauty, body, clothes, size, solutions









Most of us are aware of the term “Eat To Live and Live To Eat”. Eating for the sake of keeping the stomach filled is one thing but not many of us are conscious about eating healthily. The more fatty the meat is the more juice it would contain and the more we would consume without taking heed of how outsized our body proportions would become. This is one habit that some of the food bloggers have until so much so that they tend to have problems getting the right fitting clothes.

For the guys, it won’t be such a hassle as there are still many shops around town selling or tailor-make all those over sized shirts and pants at affordable price. As for the ladies, it would be quite a headache as there are limited shops selling those big sized dresses. To tailor-make one, it could cost many folds the price of a guy’s shirt and pants. Moreover, most of the designs would make them look as if they were on maternity period.

Let’s just not talk about the body size due to obsessive eating. There are also quite a large number of ladies with large body structures. They too have problems finding the right size clothes. If this is the problem, one would also need to get a plus size lingerie and a large percentage of the sizes available are for those slim and sleek bodies. Now that’s a huge problem as those can’t be custom made. I guessed they would have to browse online to seek for their solutions. I’m sure there would be some online shops that would cater for their needs.

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