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Written by crizlai on Jan 20th, 2010 | Filed under: awareness, emotion, health, life, lifestyle, living, test, tips

Yes, men do have similar PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) symptoms as ladies and it’s not a surprising fact too. The fluctuation of hormone levels can occur as many as 3-4 times a day for the rest of their lives. Some may call it mid-life crisis or even life pressures and these irregular mood swings are caused by depression and anxiety. It is DYSTHYMIA. Most men takes Dysthymia less seriously and most of the time this mild depression would be ignored totally, thus leaving them in a chronic and emotional state for many years. You might lead an unhappy life, work or education stress, financial burden and love relationships but if dysthymia is not treated earlier with the necessary measurement, it would eventually lead to severe depression. Some known dysthymia related outcome would be a high rate of suicide, work impairment and social isolation. These Delta 8 vape pens can be the solution to these problems by making you feel more relaxed and clear headed, get it here https://freshbros.com/delta-8-vape-pen-thc-disposable-cartridge.

A lot of the guys out there are totally unaware that they had slowly slipped into depression as early as in their teens as most of them had adjusted to their worsening moods and were immune to it. For you guys out there, let’s get a piece of blank paper and answer some questionnaires on your life for the past 2 years as stated below. It’s either a “yes” or a “no”. There’s no “maybe” ok?

1. Do you have poor appetite or overeating problem most of the time?
2. Do you have inconsistent weight loss or gain without any diet plans?
3. Do you tend to feel lethargic or tired during at odd times?
4. Do you have prolonged insomnia or oversleeping problems?
5. Do you feel lost, sad or “blank” most of the time?
6. Do you tend to finish a task longer than it takes as your mind runs wild all the time?
7. Do you take a longer period to give an answer to a straightforward decision making?
8. Do you always feel that you are hopeless, guilty or lost interest in every task?
9. Do you always get irritated and temperamental easily over small matters?
10. Do you have persistent headaches, indigestive systems or chronic bodily pain that refused to response to any medication?
11. Do you feel unhappy, sad and negative as if the world owes you a lot most of the time?
12. Do you think you have been rather anti-social?
13. Have you ever thought of suicide or contemplating suicide?
14. Does your family tree have a history of with depression, alcoholism or nervous breakdowns?

So, how is your result? If you have more than 6 “yes” to the questionnaires, I think you would need to think seriously about getting your life straight again by seeking medical advice or natural treatment for depression. Everyone deserved to lead a happier life at all times.

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Written by crizlai on Oct 22nd, 2008 | Filed under: emotion, family, living, marriage









There are just hundreds of reasons why we were in the quarrelling mode at times and would not look deeply into the main core of the reasons and seek solutions. Let us discuss on two of the more prominent reasons that would destruct a married life.


“Money is the root of evil”. That’s what we have known ever since we were born into this world. But is it true when it involves in relationship? Let’s see some of the scenarios. Do you combine your total earnings into one general account for the household expenditure or do you have separate accounts? Some might even consider both. What would yours be?

It may work fine at the initial stage of a marriage to have joint account to push the “family as one” off the ground. After years of marriage, things might not be as pleasant anymore. There would be disputes about how much the other would spent on their personal usage and how much the other truly contributed towards the family expenditure.

There ought to be some agreements at the initial stage of each marriage. Ideally, it would be better to have two accounts for each individual. One would be the joint account and the other would be the personal account. Both must agree to set certain amount or percentage of their income into their joint account while leaving some for their personal usage. This might just work well if only both agree to do so without being calculative on how much the other person is earning.

There are cases where A is earning X amount while B is earning just 40% of X amount. Quarrels would spark when B is in need of funds while A is still holding on to the “extras” for his or her own usage. As I have mentioned earlier, there SHOULD BE AN AGREEMENT at the initial stage. IF A has the “extras”, he or she should put that into the “buffer” account in case there are any unforeseen emergencies in the case of B. After all, they are always sacrifices for the better of any relationship


“It takes two hands to make a clap”. Well, it does in a relationship. Humans are social animals as they would always need love, company, attention, fulfillment of their needs and so on. If two were to lie down together, they keep both warm, but if one decide to stay at one side of the bed, how could both have warmth? This scenario happened in many broken down marriages.

Marriage life is a two way communication process in order to maintain a harmonious relationship. There is no such thing as a one-way love although it may happen in a certain stage of a relationship. Sooner or later, the party would be burnt out. Romantic spirit should always be there. Everyone would like to love and be loved. Even a little flirtation between spouses would make the relationship more interesting. No one would like a monotonous marriage where both are doing their personal things without any communication all the time. Would you?

In some cases, marriage life ended up as companionship rather than as husband and wife. One party would be so busy with the business that coming home would be just for the sake of having a company in bed. One might just want to have some surprise fun but the other would just give excuses for being exhausted. As time pass by, the lack of tenderness, fulfillment of needs and participation of a fairy-tale marriage would just seep away slowly but surely.

Would you want to fill your dreams by being selfish in your own wants and starve the needs of the other in a relationship? Just ask yourself truthfully what have you been doing in your married life? Are you still a lover or have you merely turned yourself into a breaker?

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Written by crizlai on Sep 1st, 2008 | Filed under: diet, emotion, exercise, health, life, rant









That word is definitely not the name of a person nor is it the name for a dance. Lumbago just merely means low back pain and it can be really painful. I was literary sitting at my computer desk working all the time but suddenly I felt the room began to sway about crazily and my chest began to stiffen up. I thought I was going to die of a heart attack but I was still sitting there feeling grumpier and moodier than before. Any small little mistakes done by the people surrounding me will get them being bombarded by me for no apparent reasons.

Lumbago has crept into my life sneakily and it had caused my whole body systems to be chaotic. I began to suspect my sitting posture since my work will involve working in front of the computer for a long period of time. Unfortunately, my assumption was wrong as I even experience some chilling pain on my spine when I was moving too. I went for a blood checkup and everything was fine except that I was a bit high on the cholesterol level. Now I wondered if it was due to the high cholesterol level plus the lack of exercise.

Even after a small cup of hot beverage, I would feel so lethargic that I would doze off just like that. My weight bloated up although I had lost my appetite for some of my favorite food. My heartbeat was crazy when I checked on my rate through a pulse oximeter. It was pumping at 115/mt which is above the norm of 70-90/mt. My body felt so tense and my mind was restless all the time. I am slowly getting myself into depression and anxiety.

These symptoms seemed to come and go but this time it was the worst. It could be due to the stress, lifestyle, diet or even inconsistent time for meals and sleep. It could also be Lumbago mischievously making my whole body to be disobedient. I have lost of answers to my ever painful back pain and it is freaking me out to think about the worst scenario for my health issues. Consuming painkiller was just an alternative but it would be bad for my body in a long run. I would need to settle the root of the issue once and for all to get out of this painful misery.

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Written by crizlai on Jul 25th, 2008 | Filed under: acne, awareness, beauty, diet, emotion, health, life, product, rant









Ouch! It is so painful! What have I done to deserve this? I have monitored my diet well by abstaining from fried or oily food but why is there still an acne popping up just right on my cheek. It is so obvious that I would hide my face under a grocery bag. I do not think it has anything to do with my work as I have ample time to complete them. Hmmm… could it be due to the stress I am getting from my ever mischievous kittens?

Although it has not been proven that stress can cause acne but it could be one of the factors in my health dictionary. I have been trying hard to get the kittens to behave well as not to tear my whole house apart and to litter wherever they like but without any success. The monitoring of their whereabouts and cleaning up their messes might have triggered the acne bomb within my body system.

Now what should I do? There are just so many acne products available on the market and it is not easy to choose one that is suitable for my dry skin. I have tried the acne spot treatment gel and exfoliating scrub but somehow these two products did not suit my skin as the acnes got even redder. Maybe I should consider getting some acne creams that are milder to my skin. At least the cream would be great for general usage without spoiling my facial beauty any further. Hmmm… Now I have to decide which brand would be great for my general usage. Is there any acne expert around to recommend me the best cream?

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Written by crizlai on Dec 14th, 2007 | Filed under: emotion, life, mood, rant


Have you realized that when you have mood swings, the decisions that you have made do not always turned out to be as expected? Even when you are in an extremely good mood, the emotion in you might cause bias decision and you will regret one day for making that decision.

Try study yourself in front of a mirror when you have bad or negative emotions. You tend to look silly. If you try to stretch that muscle of yours and smile deliberately, your negative emotion will just disappear and you will not feel so stressful. In fact, some people do carry small mirror with them. By just looking at their own facial expression during bad moods will psychologically made them forget about the cause of the mood swings.

The best way is to ask the people around you on how many different ways we act in front of them. You will be surprised on their answers as we have many different characteristics just within a day. Just imagine if all these different characteristics are labeled as “I”s, meaning you in different moods. And if all “I”s were to battle over the steering wheel of a car, it will crash because no specific “I” will be in control of the car.

What will you do if you have too many “I”s trying to take control over the car? You will have to discard a few on the way and made the carpooling a safer one. The same concept goes for your life. If you want your life to move towards a destination safely, you have to get rid of all the bad “I”s, meaning getting rid of the angry mood, the greedy mood, the selfless mood, the worry mood, the restless mood and so on. By doing so, you will be the guiding principle of your life. All mental and bodily action would be within your own control. You will be the master of the “I” or yourself.

Sometimes, having too much pride in being the master will have its side effects. Not one “I” is perfect by nature. You will still need to open up and listen to another person or else you would be lost in your direction. Shutting down another person’s views or opinions will cause bad moods among others. Thus the whole atmosphere would be affected by mood swings. We must remember that how we treat others will somehow affect our life. A person who treat others with due respect and consideration, not only make another happy, but also receive the same treatment in return.

So, do you still want to make others happy in order to be happy or you would prefer to make a bad day for others and receive the same moody outcome? Try to get your viewpoint straight. It does not get any better spoiling another person’s mood by closing up all modes of understanding, negotiation or agreement.

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