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Written by crizlai on Apr 29th, 2009 | Filed under: awareness, cancer, health, life


The word “Mesothelioma” may sound scientifically like a sort of mineral but the name itself has caused fears in many people who had came across it. Mesothelioma is actually an asbestos caused cancer which affects the membranes that surround the lungs and the lining of the abdomen. It may come with many names such as pleural mesothelioma or peritoneal mesothelioma, but both are as deadly as they may sound.

Although asbestos has been banned in many countries, most people still could not avoid using it as its uses remained quite irreplaceable. With good sound absorption qualities and tensile strength, asbestos is also resistance to heat, electricity and chemical damage. But asbestos is TOXIC! Observations had been carried out, even as early as the ancient time, to study on those people who had come in contact with the deadly asbestos. The material was found to be highly hazardous to the human health.

Workers as well as residents staying near to asbestos factories and mines were found to be hard hit with cancers due to long periods of exposure by inhaling the asbestos fibers. Tests of asbestos exposure had been run on animals and those animals were found to have tumors. Of all other forms of industrial asbestos, amosite has been found to be the most hazardous asbestos mineral. With a straight, hollow, minute and feather-like fiber structure, amosite can stay almost invisible to the human eyes and airborne for up to 72 hours. Thus, it can be highly deadly to the human health. Other than mesothelioma, being overexposed to asbestos has other side effects. It may cause benign like growth on the skin, plaques with discrete fibrous or partially calcified thickened area or even diffuse pleural thickening which may cause lung impairment.

Unless asbestos is recycled by transforming it into harmless silicate glass, porcelain stoneware tiles, porous single-fired wall tiles and ceramic bricks, it is advisable to stay away from the usage of this hazardous material.

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