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Written by crizlai on Oct 20th, 2008 | Filed under: humor, jokes, rant









It has been such a long time ever since I cracked a joke in here. Maybe I should just share a joke I have heard from a friend few years back. It was a joke on how the 3 blondes gave their testimonies on a murder suspect. Upon arriving at the police station to give their testimonies, they were shown a mug shot of the suspect for 20 seconds. They were then asked to describe how the murderer looked like at the crime scene.

“Well, he has only one ear,” said the first blonde. “Is this the first time you see a profile shot lady?” asked the policeman. “Yes and he looks kind of cute with one earring too,” answered the first blonde with a smile. “Never mind, I will come back to you shortly,” replied the policeman. He then asked the second blonde the same question. “He has only one squinted eye,” she replied. The policeman immediately stood up and shouted at them, “What’s wrong with all of you? Don’t you know that you are seeing only a side profile photo?” He then looked at the third blonde and said, “You better think carefully before giving me another stupid answer!”

The third blonde thought for a moment and told the policeman, “He was wearing contact lenses for sure.” The policeman was stunned and stared at the photo for a long time. He could not be sure and went to check into the database. Sure enough the suspect was wearing contact lenses when he took the photo. He curiously asked the third blonde, “How did you figure out he was wearing contact lenses when none of the experts here could figure that out?” This time, the blonde stood up and yelled at the policeman, “I thought you guys are smart enough to solve crime cases. Isn’t it obvious that with one ear and one eye, it would not be possible for him to wear glasses?”

Everyone in the precinct almost fainted with that reply. Won’t you?

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