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Written by crizlai on Apr 14th, 2008 | Filed under: home, microfiber, mops, rant









I was just out for few days and I could hardly recognize my house when I came back. The amount of dust had accumulated so thick that I could have made a one pound cake out of it. What has been going on in this house during my absence? Does the word responsibility ever exist in the vocabulary of the rest of the family members? I guess not as no one seemed to have the time to clean up the place anymore. No matter what, I would surely not forsake my responsibility to clean up this household. It would be beyond my imagination if this house ended up as a pig sty.

If not for my recent purchase of the microfiber set of cleaning equipments, I would be screaming like a mad dog now. Cleaning up has not been so easy. I just wonder how they could have ignored their duties. Is it due to plain laziness or just excuses for not having the time? With the help of the microfiber mops for dusting and wet cleaning, I cleaned up the whole house in just a few minutes. Don’t you think that it was just excuses for not sparing that few minutes on doing some house chores?

Responsibility is something that is critical in a person’s life. If a person ignored his responsibility in his home, how could he be relied on or respected when he is out there in a working environment? A person is by his actions and not by the words that come out of his mouth. That is the reason why there is the saying of “Actions speaks louder than words” and it all begin from within the home itself.

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