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Written by crizlai on Sep 18th, 2014 | Filed under: health, holiday, life, lifestyle, living, rant, vacation

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A workaholic is always a workaholic as they will always give excuses that they do not have the time off as their schedules are always tight and sparing a few hours of their precious time will be super impossible. Stop being a badass and make excuses for all your shortcomings as there will always be an endless chain of work to be done. How you make time for everything and anything are within your own control. Good time management is vital for your personal lifestyle, a healthy one. No matter how short a holiday trip it may be, it’s a NECESSITY and not a LUXURY.

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Now stop being a hypocrite that you do not have time in your hands to improve your own life. Our bodies need a break away from stresses of any kind. We often ignore the importance of proper rest and relaxation until our body had become so fragile even to execute some simple chores. One health guru frequently reminded me on my failing health, “What’s the use of you resting many times in a day and yet not getting enough of proper sleep?” He was right. A body needs long and undisturbed sleep on scheduled sleeping time AT NIGHT to enable our body the adequate time to repair, recuperate and grow. In this technological era, we tend to spend most of our time poking our heads into other people’s affairs than finding ways to make our life more beneficial, physically, mentally, spiritually and morally.

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I often ask myself these questions, “Am I being an idiot and taken for rides all the time? Do any company and friends appreciate my insane working attitudes to make their lives more profitable? If so, where’s the gratitude?” Most of the time, it’s all about money and secondly it’s about given opportunities. In the end, it’s about taking things for granted and forgetting about the roots on how a person’s life became more at ease and bearable. I have come to the state that slogging so hard for others is not my main priority now. I would rather take a break away from the hustle and bustle of a mad concrete jungle and spend my time doing what I loved most at a more relaxing pace – living my life to the fullest with more happiness and less stress.

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Here are my reasons to stay idle for some time until I’m fully charged for the next phase in my life:

Restructuring the body against burnouts – Staying away from any sort of work tend to give the body the required time to repair itself and the brain to be free from any commitment it had pre-programmed to do so. A carefree lifestyle can prevent one from falling into depression, anxiety, temperamental and more. So, let’s go for a work-free vacation now.

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Regaining fitness – You might not believe it but you tend to walk more during trips even if it’s just for a few hours. The wonderful thing is that you won’t realize that you are actually burning up more fat and calories~ LOL! Due to all those little sightseeing walks or even shopping sprees, you are actually being forced to walk more than usual, pumping up your heart for better blood circulations, thus making you feeling fresher than ever.

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Breathing a different air – Instead of sitting down on the same spot for years and breathing in the same stuffy air, it’s always great to send yourself onto a new expedition, to an unexpected destination out from the normal populated areas and into the wilderness of the sea, land and air. At least the lungs have enough fresh air to repair themselves. Let’s go Kakadu~ Wait! Where is that? LOL~ 😛

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Rekindle your long lost connections – When was the last time you met up with your great grand aunt who is from another state or country? Well, that might be quite hard as it might incur more time and expenses, unless you are quite financially stable. Let’s put someone closer to you, eg. your parents, wife, family, boyfriend, girlfriend or even close friends you had not met up for awhile. When was the last time you really spend time with them to build up closer ties and strengthen the bonds? Even a simple dine out for a few hours is enough as everyone will need at least some companionship in certain time of their lives.

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Finding that new inspiration – Staying at stagnant surroundings will make you a dull person without much creativity to venture into something new. Go out there to new places to find your inspiration. A complete stress free environment filled with lots of good food, good sceneries, great air, great companions, laughter and more will indeed rejuvenate the mind and soul to think more analytically in life.

STRESS09 photo STRESS09_zpse1682238.jpg

Collaborate your brain with your senses – Sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch are often manipulated under stressful environment. We are human after all. We tend to shut our senses out just because we do not like certain sensations behaving not to our own likings. Unless you own a sensory deprivation floatation tank filled with Epsom salt for a total floatation in nothingness so that your brain can have a good rest without sensing anything, there will always be stressful moments in your brain. Instead of shutting down your senses on the surrounding negativity, it’s always great if you could expand your senses more towards positivity. The sight of a beautiful yet tranquil venue, the smell of unpolluted air with a tint of flowery freshness, the natural sweetness of the water from a clean flowing stream, the sound of nature and the touch of nature’s fauna and flora, will eventually set your mind into a state filled with tranquility, peace and happiness. Isn’t that less tedious than trying to drown the natural senses of your body?

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Don’t be a sleep deprived idiot – Do you agree with me that whenever your eyes are opened, you tend to think too much, worry too much and stress yourself endlessly? After a full daylight of putting your brain into all the tedious tasks, it’s about time to give your brain and body the necessary time out during nightfall. Without the minimum 8 hours of proper sleep, your health will be at risk. It had been found in medical researches that a patient deprived of proper sleep tends to fare worst in a blood test. Your cholesterol and blood pressure level will hike up crazily with constant dizziness and headaches. Your movements may become haywire with constant body aches. So, shut down whatever you are doing and have a proper rest now.

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Expand your boundaries for better knowledge and efficiency – There’s the saying, “A picture paints a thousand words.” We indeed need more colors in our life instead of accustoming ourselves with the hues of black in our concrete jungle. Visiting Mother Nature’s wonderful creations away from the populated city will eventually set your mind to look at scenarios differently. A clearer mind will logically boost up your creativity, productivity and analytical thinking. After all, the sky is never always blue. It changes from violet, orange, red and pitch black with occasional some rainbow colors along the horizon. Even the fishes come in different shapes, colors and sizes. With the knowledge from your little exploration in a peaceful state of mind, you tend to be more efficient in doing the best. It’s the best stimulant and it’s free.

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Less regrets in your life – It’s like a bucket list where you will plan out a list of things you will do before you die~ LOL~ The main purpose of creating your list is to maximize every moment of our existence and live our life to the fullest. At least, we have a goal towards what matters most to us. If you do not find the time to do what you love while you are alive, you might regret it at your death bed. It’s a taboo for many to think about it but this is a reality. I’m sure no one will have the last wish as “I wished I had spent more time at work and stop wasting time on vacations.”

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Inner self studies – Regardless of whether you are a female or a male, everyone tends to have their “PMS” days with unpredicted mood swings. Just because you are not in the best of your moods, would you bark on everyone who passes by? Is that how you would like others to treat you when they are in their worst moods? It’s all about “to forgive and to forget” and not like a grapevine protruding its “tales” into an already complicated environment. Sometimes, we need to sit quietly at one corner and study ourselves well with the five “W”s and one “H”. Depending on your personal self studies, questions might include the examples as follow. Why is everyone treating me this way? Who are they? Where have I gone wrong? What did I do wrong to deserve such treatments? Which action have I executed wrongly? How can I rectify myself to be a better person?

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As for me, I will always storm the 5 “W”s and 1 “H” questions in my head, especially when I don’t have any personal time for a healthier lifestyle. Why am I not having the required rest I deserved for all the hard work I had put in? Who are stopping me from going for a vacation? Where have I gone wrong that I don’t have time off? What did I do wrong to deplete myself from having some rest and relaxation? Which are the best solutions so that I can have more time for myself? How can I find ways to make the existing system become self dependent without my presence? Well, it’s a never ending process anyway and the questions will be double folds or triple folds within each question you have in your mind. Those are stresses too right?

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In fact, you can always control your own life by being in the present and temporary put on hold any future projects. Just pack your bag, clear your mind and go for your personal relaxation now. Towards the end of the day, you will find that you had become a rejuvenated person filled with more energy and brain juice to pursue on any oncoming projects. Moreover, you will become a better person with more conscience to move towards a rightful and fruitful journey in life.

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Written by crizlai on Aug 29th, 2013 | Filed under: accessories, lifestyle, product, rant

DESIGNERBAG photo DESIGNERBAG_zps242879ec.jpg

With the advancement of technology, more and more consumers have acquired more gadgets into their daily life. What used to be just a simple paper notebook, a pen and a mobile phone had now turned into an electronic notebook, a stylus pen and smart phones. On top of that, digital cameras have evolved into something smaller than its predecessor with features almost similar to a bulky DSLR camera. Thus, most people would have at least one with them at all times to capture those perfect memories in higher resolutions.

With all the gadgets in hand, you’ll need to get something presentable to hold them in. What would be greater than having a designer bag which is stylish, classy and yet affordable within anyone’s budget. It’s always great to stay fashionable at all times.

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Written by crizlai on Jul 20th, 2013 | Filed under: mobile, rant

GALAXYS4CASE2 photo GALAXYS4CASE2_zps04abf1b4.jpg

There’s something I’m really afraid of when buying a new mobile phone from any telecommunication store and that is because none of the mobile phone is scratch free. Thus, I’m always cautious to get one nice casing for my mobile phone to protect it from any further harm. Moreover, I could be such a jerk when it comes to locating my mobile phone each time especially when it gets too dark. Therefore, the best alternative for me is to get vibrant colors as my Samsung Galaxy S4 case. Surprisingly, it glows in the dark too.

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Written by crizlai on Jun 24th, 2013 | Filed under: mobile, rant


With the advancement in technology and telecommunication today, more and more users are relying on many different types of gadgets, regardless of whether it’s a mobile or a tablet, to communicate with their loved ones outside home. That does not leave out my parents on this matter too. They simply love meddling with their iPad Mini at all hours checking on the latest news and to keep in touch with my nieces overseas.

Let me share with you on one joke I had encountered while trying to choose one iPad Mini cover for my Mum. While showing the black colored iPad Mini cover to my Mum, “Hey Mum, here’s the cover I would want to purchase for your iPad Mini.” My Mum looked at me with wide open eyes, “You think I’m so old, straight and boring? Can’t you get me other a more vibrant color? I’m still young you know?” I was dumbfounded for a few seconds with her feedback.

So the story behind this humorous experience was that we should not always assume that what we thought would be the best for our parents might be to their likings. Thank goodness that there are so many makes of different designs and colors available at the online site for her to choose. In the end, she chose a fluorescent pink cover~ o_O”””””

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Written by crizlai on Dec 10th, 2011 | Filed under: awareness, health, living, rant

Note: This is an awareness campaign initiated by PenangYouth.com and supported by YourFoodReview.com in spreading the information and educating consumer on extra cautiousness.


Although it was found almost a decade ago that some brands of soy sauce, together with its related products such as the oyster sauce, mushroom sauce, hoisin sauce and chicken marinade, which are mainly used in some Asian dishes, contained high level of cancer causing chemicals. Two such chemicals from a chemical group known as chloropropanols were found in the products. They are 3-MCPD (3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol or 3-chloro-1,2-propanediol) and 1,3-DCP (1,3-Dichloropropene or also known as Telone). Through painstaking tests carried out by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) over the past few months, it was found that some of the brands imported from Thailand, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, contained a higher level of the chemicals compared to the minimum of 0.02 mg per kg as set by the European Union (EU).


The presence of both the chemicals in soy sauce is avoidable if they are based on the traditional methods of fermenting the soy beans in salt and water with some culturing help from added micro organisms and yeasts. These fermented beans would then be pressed to extract the juice within which would eventually become raw soy sauce. The raw soy sauce would then go through pasteurization to eliminate any active micro organisms and yeasts through a certain high temperature, filtered, before being bottled to be sold on the market. The whole process would take months to years as only would this process produce the unique saltiness and sweetness from the soy sauce.


Somehow, some manufacturers are looking at making fast bucks by producing the soy sauce through a hydrolysed vegetable protein formula to accelerate the productions. The whole process might take up to 3 days, saving at least 99% of the time frame if they were to use the traditional culturing method. This might be the fastest and cheapest way to produce soy sauce but it might result in the existence of carcinogens, cancer causing agents, such as 3-MCPD and 1,3-DCP. Although it was stressed by FSA that occasional consumers were unlikely to be harmed, but it would be health hazardous for those high intake consumers.


Of the samples taken in a survey of 100 soy sauce products sold off the shelves, at least 25% were found be positive for 3-MCPD and two thirds of these had traces of 1,3-DCP. 3-MCPD is an organic chemical compound which is carcinogenic and highly suspected to be genotoxic in humans, thus having male anti-fertility effects. 1,3-DCP on the other hand, is a colorless liquid with a sweet smell, usually used as a compound in a pesticide. A long exposure through contact or inhalation might result in skin irritations, nauseousness, headaches, breathing difficulties and more.


Do not get me wrong on other soy products other than those chemically processed ones. They are in fact great for health such as substituting protein from meat. Soy beans are believed to contain certain anti-cancer properties against the most common types of cancer such as lung, rectal, colon, stomach, prostate and breast. To have a better health, do try to stay away from any processed products if possible. On top of soy sauce, by products such as instant noodles, salted eggs, salted vegetables, canned meats, canned desserts and more, would contain certain chemicals within its preservatives that would do more harm than good to your body. Try to apply more fresh or organic items in your marinate and cooking. After all, you are what you eat and you can’t run away from all the unwanted substances that you had put into your body.

Read more:
English: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-55023/Cancer-causing-chemicals-soy-sauce.html
Chinese: http://www.yzwb.net/news/ms/201108/t20110810_823711.html

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