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Written by crizlai on Oct 4th, 2008 | Filed under: acne, beauty, friends, friendship, life, love, rant









During certain time in our journey through life, there would surely be a time where we will seek more love not from our family but from those whom we once considered as strangers. We go on dates to find the person who would be our soul mate for a lifetime. This would be the time when two parties get to understand each other better. I have many of those sweet memories, especially during my teenage years. Strangers became friends. Friends subsequently come and go as time went by, each having their own dreams to achieve something wonderful in their life.

There was this case which I could not erase from my memory. This girl in my school has always been teased at for having some bad acne problems. Well, some of us would experience that somehow during our adolescent years. It was a matter of having those pesky acne problems to be under control or having them going wild. Coming from a below average family with many siblings, she could not afford getting any products for her facial woes. Seeing her problem then, I managed to get her the acne cure that has been lying around my room for ages ever since my minor acne problem was cured.

Today, she has grown up to be a successful woman filled with confidence. Her beauty is simply flawless in my eyes as well as those guys who had teased her when we were still in high school. In fact, she has become one of the top air hostesses in our local airline company. I just received a call from her asking me out for a date this weekend. I was like stunned. There are so many handsome pilots around her and with her limited time back in our hometown she asked me out? I am still pinching my cheek now in disbelief. Why me? Why me? I do not have the answers now but I would surely want to find out more when we meet up later on.

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Written by crizlai on May 14th, 2008 | Filed under: family, friends, health, life, medical, rant










It has been said that too much of anything is bad to a person physically and mentally. I would not agree less to that statement. Did you ever realize that whatever we consume or do, will subsequently affect our body and mind, if taken or done excessively?

Take the case of obesity. Munching, chomping, biting into food practically every minute of the day is healthy? If a person knew how to limit his daily food consumption, he would not end up as an obese. Subsequently, there would be lesser obese related illness coming in and ruin his whole health system.

What about the importance of a family? If a person knew how to plan his life without letting his over success stricken thoughts controlling over his mind and body, he would have a happier family without them worrying about ignorance. This has happened to a large number of rich families where the parents totally do not have any time for their children.

What about having some time off for leisure purposes? It is healthy to go for some physically sports but straining the body to go beyond the limit might not be good news to the heart. Some might consider trying out their skills in some cyber games but I have encountered quite a number that are so addicted to playing the games that they would ignore their duties. Do you think that sitting in front of a computer and staring at the screen for a log period of time will be good to the eyes? What more ignoring the stipulated hours to have their main meals.

The worst of the many addictions still fall into the drugs category. It is believe that 5% of the world’s population consumes illicit drugs per year. Drugs are created for therapeutic and medical applications but many have abused them to satisfy their sensual pleasures. It was also known that some clubs in certain countries even legalize its usage, if taken in certain stipulated amount approved by the government. Do you think that a person will behave and abide to the law if drugs are sold so freely? Do you even think setting up a drug treatment center will be enough in treating and reducing the quantity of addicts then? I would say no.

Addiction is a witch to the body, a devil to the mind, a thief to the pocket and a self murderer to a person’s health and happiness. There is nothing great about being addicted to anything except for the physical and moral degradation of a person.

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Written by crizlai on Dec 22nd, 2007 | Filed under: apple, friends, friendship, life, relationship








There is a box of apples of which some are infested with worms. Which apple would you choose? Would you choose a good apple or one with a worm sticking out? Most people with the right mind would have chosen a good one. Since birth, we were educated to accept things that look good or feel good. This has turned into a custom or a belief in our life from generations after generations, without mindfully considering the effect it will have on out lives.

If I were to be given a third choice, I would not choose any apples from that box. What for I choose an apple which look beautiful amongst all that are infested with worms? The apples would have come from the same tree and there could be worms inside too. The same way applies to our life. Looks can be deceiving until you understand deeply into the heart of a person. We would not know the intentions or motives of a person by just having a glance. It will take time before we can understand him better to accept him into our life.

If I have no choice but to choose either one of the apples, I would have chosen the one which looks good but with a worm sticking out of it. At least I will know there is a bad part which I can cut off in order to enjoy the balance of the fruit. As in life, no one is perfect and all of us have a bit of evil in us. If we are aware of the bad section of our life, we can learn how to cut that part off in order to have a sweeter life.

The key to a person’s heart is by understanding him better. And in any relationships in our life, the most valuable part is friendship. Life cannot be real if a relationship is not real. Thus friendship would not be real either. In most cases, friendship is not for real. It is just a game. It is just a deep craving for companionships. The days of having an honest, sincere, genuine, non-manipulative relationships hardly existed anymore. What has happened to the mutual respect and trust of a relationship today? People are becoming more inhuman due to lack of good relationships. Just like the apples, the more worms they have, the faster they get infested.

Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to pick a good apple from any box as most of the boxes out there are having the same problems, worm infestations. There are so much uncertainty, insecurity, grief and anguish in our world. Can you really find someone who is almost perfect nowadays? I doubt it. Conditions are ever changing. One moment you see a good apple, and as time passes, it might not last up to your expectations. Just as in life. Good things in life are ever changing too. The happy moments, a loving relationship, success, good fortune, friendships; they are always changing. As in the gravity principle, what goes up will eventually come down. Life is full of the unexpected and impermanence.

We are all caught in this condition. We hardly have the control over life situations. We tend to have the mind set of “If you can’t beat the crowd, join them”. We adapt ourselves to the ever changing conditions, thinking that it will liberate us from any harm. This is totally wrong. How sure are you that being a good apple in a box of worm infested ones will not affect you at all? It is a matter of time that you will have a “soft spot” unknowingly and the worm will slowly creep into your heart.

This is life. A life filled with unseen threats. Unless a person is fully conscious to acknowledge things as how they are, whether they are good or bad influences to his life, he would be just like an apple in the worm infested box. There would not be any ending to any problems.

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Written by crizlai on Dec 17th, 2007 | Filed under: friends, friendship, life, rant, relationship








In our journey of life, we do come across many people whom we will later address as friends. Are these our true friends or simply friends in disguise? Sometimes, it is rather hard for us to identify properly who they are anymore. One thing very obvious is that we should not be afraid of enemies who will attack us upfront but those who flatter us all the time. No one in this world is free from opposition. Even the great philosophers and religious leaders are not exempted. On top of every good principles and values, there ought to be someone out there who will oppose them. Great people never give up on holding on to their principles even though they have to sacrifice themselves for the better of others.

The worst enemy for us is the anger we have within us. Anger will not bury anger but create the worst out of us. Human minds are like gases. When there is fire, it will burn instantly or even explode. We have to be aware that there is a switch to turn off the gas. If we do not know how, it will burn forever until there is no longer any gas left. How long do you think a gas tank will last? What about those with centralized gas systems? It will take a very long time right? In the process, this will harm our health. It will also kill us unknowingly. The same principle applies on us. Anger will kill us! In fact, isn’t that what your opponent want of you?

At times, your opponent might even possess certain good qualities which you can learn from, some even better than your associates. By learning and understanding the flaws in ourselves will make us even wiser in avoiding such future confrontations. Confronting war with war is idiotic. It will never end. There will never be a winner too. Victory breeds hatred. The vanquished live in pain.

Good people will have opponents too as there tend to be natural conflicts between good and bad, pure and evil, black or white, or whichever you call them. By returning evil to evil, you will end up evil yourself. Being a cultured person, treating your opponents with love and understanding would be the solution. It may sound illogical and nonsensical but it works most of the time.

Disputes and disagreements happen frequently amongst our friends. In order to maintain the friendship, admit and apologize when we realized we were wrong. Open up and have a heart to heart talk to settle any misunderstandings. Treat jealousy with love and hope that by doing so, your opponent will someday have a clearer mind to see your true intentions.

I must admit that no one is perfect in life, not even me. There are many times in my life that friendship ended due to the simplest stupidity between two parties. When either party had a clearer mind years later to realize the stupidity, it did bring the relationship back and this time even closer. This has indeed proven that different people have different speed of acceptance on any good principles and values in life as age matures. As time changes, people changed for the better or worst. It is up to us to decide which side we would like to step in.

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Written by crizlai on Dec 13th, 2007 | Filed under: friends, friendship, life, relationship









There are many sources for our happiness in our life. One of the sources is to have friends that we can depend and seek upon when there is a hole of emptiness in us. Stumbling along our journey of life, we have met many of friends and made plenty of friendships unknowingly. They have brought us so much joy, happiness and meaning into our life.

We are aware that this friendship has enriched our purpose of living, sharing, caring, filling up that emptiness in our life and most of all provided us the light and guidance that have helped us to set the direction towards a better lifestyle. Who knows that someone could be our parents, teachers, peers, another blogger or just someone we look up to?

We shall explore the various elements and methods of strengthening friends and friendships which form the most important binding and relationship in our life. The main purpose of friendship is for us to grow mutually. As we grow, they grow and when they grow, we continue to grow. It is all part of our process of growing up in this society.

With a good friendship, one has company when in need. One is guided when in lost and one gains more encouragement when glory comes to him. While seeking friendship, one should not push for it. It is a slow grooming process and cannot be obtained just overnight. It requires a long term investment of time, patience, understanding and trust, without weighing age, gender, race, religion, country and so on.

I am glad to have known quite a few good friends along my journey in life. They are very supportive of my views and philosophies in life. Without their encouragements and supports, I would not be where I am now, putting all my efforts in showing some lights to help those people out there to have better lives.

Thank you very much and welcome to my new website… Insight Criz: applying love in our life.

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