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Written by crizlai on Jul 5th, 2010 | Filed under: accessories, accidents, computer, life, pets, rant


Don’t you hate it when you have a tight deadline with a project and suddenly your screen went dead cad autocad kostenlos? The good news was that my monitor was in a tip top condition. Moreover, it’s one of the great models in the market with a great-looking, thin-bezel monitor that can swivel, tilt, pivot and be adjusted for height dropbox kompletten ordner herunterladen.

However, I have a problem with the cables. It was not due to any factory defects or whatsoever but the availability of some pets in the household sky go aufnahmen herunterladen. They tend to be a bit too playful around cables and at times entangled within the maze of those cables. Sometimes while I was busily working on a proposal, my screen would just go black gta 4 kostenlos herunterladen. One of them would have loosened the connectivity while cheekily playing the room.

That was not the worst scenario until to date as I had woken up one fine morning to find my cables all being chewed up Download libreoffice draw for free. Luckily, I have the habit of switching off all the live wires when I go to bed nightly. If not, the whole house might have burnt down by now. I’m in the midst of rewiring all my cables and wires to be pets and child safe very soon Download star trek online. At the mean time, I guessed I have to get more vga cables as backups just in case of any emergencies cleaner for free.

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Written by crizlai on Sep 22nd, 2009 | Filed under: awareness, cats, diet, health, pets, tips

Hmm… I had fed her punctually daily and why is she still showing me that pathetic weak look again rechnungsformular kostenlos herunterladen? Is she trying to gain more of my special attention or something is not right with her diet? Will she need more supplements to boast up the energy of hers facebook messenger freeen? These are some of the thoughts that would strike most of a pet owner’s mind whenever a pet looked rather low in spirit. That’s the love bond between animal lovers and their pets toggo spiele kostenlos herunterladen. No matter how mischievous a pet might get to test our patience, towards the end of the day we would still love them and pamper them as if they were our flesh and blood herunterladen. After all, pets are great companions to reduce our stress level, blood pressures, cholesterol level, triglyceride level and loneliness while raising our self esteem digitale bibliothek 5 kostenlos download.

It has been medically proven that those with pets are much healthier compared to those who do not own one. Having a human-pet bond not only lessened our health issues but it also offers many social, psychological and physiological benefits icloud alle fotos downloaden naar pc. It would open up a bridge for communication opportunities, lower the anxiety levels and at the same time motivate a person to push himself forward to pick one up or exercise while taking his pet out for a walk where to pc games. A survey done some years back on tens of thousands different nationalities throughout the world for a 5-year period found that those with pets had fewer visits to the doctors part of a youtube video. In fact, with the attachment towards their pet, the owners had reduced depression, less stressful in their lives and had improved exercise habits.

I owned 7 cats and one dog in my family and they sure did brighten up my days whatsapp bilder gratis herunterladen. Although I had always branded them as the brats in the family for messing up things during the most unexpected time, they are still the loves of my life download netflix movie. Life could not have been any better than to have them around to instill some daily laughs with some of their awkward actions. It could be any pet of any sizes for you but as long as you kept them happy and healthy always, you would be in the same position too. Other than the reputable brands of feed around, there are supplements that would also boost up their health. Just look around the market place, there would always be the right canine supplements, feline supplements, bird supplements and even horse supplements around that would suit your need. Remember this – If they are healthy, so would you!

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It is great to own some pets to keep the home environment more lively but there are also hiccups when you have just one too many at a time herunterladen. That was what I found out… the hard way. Initially, I just told myself that having a pair of cats at home would surely make my life happier. Eventually, the two pets had another three kittens joined in the family just a few months later bau simulator download kostenlos vollversion. Well, FIVE pets in the house would still be manageable. Subsequently, two strays came knocking at my front door with that Shrek’s Puss-In-The Boot pathetic looking eyes begging for food currency converter to. Being a compassionate person, I fed them outside as they were fleas infested.

Just within the next few days, step by step and wit by wit, they managed to gain control over the house, making friends with the rest of the indoor cats herunterladen. Well, SEVEN is still within my means to get them well fed and comfortable within the house. Out of the blues, the mother cat went out “partying” for a few days and I ended up with another two kittens 2 months later flickr several photos. NINE is quite a crowd but it’s still within my control as all of them had that innocent and well behaved characteristics.

As the kittens began to get older, situations here were rather chaotic paris. Each day they grew larger and became hyperactive. Day and night, they would be chasing each other endlessly upstairs and downstairs, inside and outside of the room Mahjong free download. With all the rough play, they subsequently made a large hole on my plaster based wall. With so many of them within the house, I could not detect who was the culprit instagram live videos herunterladen. It would well be the big and strong Jeremy or my wild little girl, Jolyn. What else could I do except to drag myself to the nearest material handling store to get that hole patched up imovie cannot beed? It was no longer fun anymore as there were endless streams of patching and fixing all the time. Although it did eat into quite a noticeable amount in my monthly budget, it’s still a commitment and responsibility I had set upon when I had decided to take care of the welfare of my pets since day one app netflix.

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Written by crizlai on Jun 1st, 2008 | Filed under: cats, home, life, living, pets, Photography, product, rant









It is nice to have some pets around the house to brighten up a person’s life but sometimes having one too many playful kittens around the house could be stressful, especially when they do not know how to stop having fun all the time Download apps voor smartphone. Well, what would you expect? If kittens are not playful, they would not come up with the term “as playful as a kitten” right? And I have six in the family, meaning six times more of cleaning up to do download minecraft.

Would you believe that I had just swept the whole place barely 15 minutes ago and here they are tearing more bits and pieces out of their play boxes hansa rostock lieder. Their hairs are also flying all over the house. It has always been that tiring cleaning up their mischievous acts on top of my heavy workloads. I could hardly have more than few minutes of non stress moments without ever thinking of the cleanliness of the house radioeins app herunterladen.

I think it is time that I get myself one of those Sebo vacuums on offer at the nearest departmental store filme von netflix auf mac herunterladen. At least I do not have to use much energy to get the house fully clean up within the shortest period of time. It might just a great idea after all. I will surely get one first thing on Monday morning musik mischen programm kostenlos downloaden.

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Written by crizlai on May 10th, 2008 | Filed under: announcement, cats, ccsi, dogs, pets, production, script









Everybody would love to read about a few mystery cases on and off tiptoi lieder herunterladen. The CCSI Little Production Studio had decided to use my script for their newest production scheduled to be released on 10 & 11 May 2008. CCSI means Cat/Canine Crime Scene Investigation music and audio books. It is all about furry animals dressed up in human forms and solving crime scenes. This is going to be yet another great production ever produced since the studio’s last two successful productions from last year onwards download music as mp3 from youtube.

The latest production would be called CCSI III – The Missing Mummy Caper, written by yours truly from Malaysia, directed by Opus & Roscoe from Italy, produced by Sassy & her Little Productions Team from USA, and marketed by Momo from Australia vine. This production will feature many talented furry animals such as cats, dogs and bunny throughout the blogosphere.

Do not miss the opportunity to spend some value time with your mother this weekend, celebrating Mothers’ Day and at the same time enjoy the mystery story line of the case sony app. Please make a mark on your calendar now as the production will be aired for two consecutive days starting from 10 May 2008 at Sassy’s site nero für windows 8 kostenlos downloaden.

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