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Written by crizlai on Dec 29th, 2009 | Filed under: accessories, bedroom, life, living, rant, vacation

It was a totally different experience for me when I was spending time with my friends during last Christmas in the States. Coming from a tropical climate country and experiencing snow was something awesome. But I had a problem with the weather as it was freezing cold. No matter how many layers of clothes I had on, I was shivering from head to toes. Worst still when it came to sleeping time. I had 6 layers of clothes on with a thick woolen blanket over me and yet I did not get much of sleep. The chill crept up to my injured bones and not even my faithful Perskindol Swiss Therapeutic Gel could stop the pain I had to bear on all my joints. I had cried nightly, yearning to be home and warmly tucked in my bed even before my vacation ended.

I almost gave up the idea of visiting more sites when one of my friends invited me to his home. I thought it was a bad idea to intrude into the privacy of his home since he has quite a large household of members. To my surprise, I ended up spending the rest of my 2 weeks’ vacation there without any more discomfort. It was like a heaven there, not only with the great hospitality but with a great accommodation.

I had a well heated room all by myself and my bed came with an electric blanket. It was almost like sleeping in my own warm bed. The blanket has its own patented safe & warm technology features and all I need to do was to set the timer right. It even came with self automated shut down and the heat was so evenly distributed. Now I know what would be the most important thing to have during my visit to any country during winter time.

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Written by crizlai on Mar 16th, 2009 | Filed under: bedroom, decor, home, living, tips


The bedroom should be the room where you feel most at home, where you can relax and make it into your personal haven for luxury. To get the most out from your bedroom, the first task would be to identify what you need to get the most space out of it. Make a list of your requirements such as place of sleep, storage for your belongings, dressing area which would include a mirror, seating area and even a place for your computer and television.

Once you have what you need, you can start planning how to best design your bedroom by incorporating your furniture and fitting by playing with hues. Be imaginative and practical as possible when planning to play with colors. Too contrasting the colors and you would end up making the bedroom looks smaller. On top of that, you may end up having bad moods the first thing you wake up from your sleep. You won’t want that to spoil your mood, would you?

Try going for pastel colors as it would make the bedroom looks larger and more spacious. Moreover, it would brighten up your mood instead of dark colors which would make you feel gloomy. The ultimate way to do that would be to play with shades of a color. There are four walls in your bedroom and one wall which you had intended to put your dressing furniture ought to be of a darker shade.

Another point to take note of would be your windows. How would you like them to be? You could always get some designed curtains with colors that would blend in well with your bedroom walls or you could even get some darker shades of window blinds. Try to be realistic by juggling with the right combination of colors. I’m sure your local shop would be able to provide some samples for you.

No matter what, do not ever over clutter your bedroom with unnecessary pieces of furniture. Having one too many obstacles within your bedroom would make you feel like getting out from it daily. It should be a sanctuary for you to relax instead.

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Written by crizlai on Nov 29th, 2008 | Filed under: bedroom, decor, home, lifestyle, living, product, rant, tips

I had written earlier in Home Improvements Part 1 on how to get the best out of limited space in your new home. Let’s look more onto those areas for relaxation today such as your sitting room. Other than the normal space saving sofas which you could easily source from those furniture shops around your town, try finding one single that has the multi-purpose usage to your preferences. For example, let’s look at one such furniture as shown below. Not only will you be able to use that as your reading chair, you can even adjust your body to the high tech body curve built of the chair for some siesta.
















If you have a patio or sliding door for some sunlight to shine in, you can even set up your own indoor sundeck chair. I’m sure you would want something that looks simple and yet elegant. Try finding something that is real artistic and won’t get out of date. Would you like this one?

















Where else do you think you relax most? Would that be your own cubicle in the most private part of your house? Bingo! That’s right! It’s your bathroom where you deal with most of your nature’s business. I have seen bathrooms with so much wastage of space before in large mansion. Is that a necessity? Well, those could well meant for the rich and famous but as commoners that would not be a must have. With limited space in a bathroom, even installing a basin, a toilet bowl with a bathing area would be such a headache. Thanks to the innovation of a genius, nothing would be impossible now. Maybe I would try this too. It’s too cool to resist!













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Written by crizlai on Oct 20th, 2008 | Filed under: bedroom, children, home, living, rant

The days of painting the bedrooms colorful with basic interior decorations no longer would amuse the children of today. With all the easy access channels such as the Disney Channel, Nickelodean and Cartoon Network, the children of today rather link their bedrooms to their favorite characters. What would you do as the parents of the modern generations? Would you spend thousands of dollars to renovate their bedrooms for the sake of love or would you just make do with your available resources to spruce up their bedrooms?









As for me, I would choose the latter as it would save up a large amount during this present economy downturn. All you need to do is to spruce up the place with a new coat of paint or wallpaper, preferably as how your child’s cartoon character colors would look like. With a little bit more of creativity, you would be able to turn their bedrooms into another Disneyland.









For instance, if your child is into Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, you might want to blend in yellow wallpaper with some orange furniture and some easy to make frames on the wall. It would not cost much too by getting all those items. So, put on your thinking cap now and start creating something that your child would like to have.

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