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Written by crizlai on Jan 1st, 2011 | Filed under: flowers, life, lifestyle, love, relationship, tips, valentime


Flowers are always a nice gift for your Valentine but at times you may find it hard to choose which species that would be ideal for your love. I’m sure the chosen flower experts would be more than glad to advise you on whichever flowers that would suit your liking and budget. You may go for peach or yellow colored flowers for friendship, red camellias to declare your flame or orange blossoms to show your eternal love. In summary, a few colors are quite in favorite during Valentine’s Day. Red symbolizes love, desire and passion; orange symbolizes strong love, desire and enthusiasm; and pink are usually given to represent admiration, appreciation and gratitude.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m sure that most of you would want to get something fresh and nice to make your loved ones happy. Won’t you love it too when you have some great offers or discounts on top of your purchases? Well, I found the Proflowers codes real impressive when it comes to getting the best offer available on the market. They even have a track record of over 30 million bouquets sent out to date.

No matter at any period of time, you may get discounts as low as 15% on your total purchase to offers such as free vases and free weekdays delivery and many more. If you get lucky, you might even get to enjoy offers such as buy a dozen roses and get a dozen free at discount price. You should not miss out this great opportunity to steal the hearts of your loved ones this season.

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Written by crizlai on Oct 12th, 2009 | Filed under: life, love, rant

Weddings are truly beautiful things. It’s always a great deal of fun to witness them and to recollect those wonderful moments many years down the road, either in pictures and prints or through videos. I happened to attend a wedding dinner of a family friend recently and it was one of the most memorable one of all time. Not only was the wedding somewhat a reunion for many of us to meet up our long lost friends, it was an eye opening time for a new age of fashion with everyone dressing up in their best.

When I thought it would be another evening gown event for all the pretty ladies around until I saw how beautiful the bride was. She really did dress up to kill for the memorable night. All the glitters on her neck almost blinded me as those were believed to be real diamonds. She was dressed in a crown of pure white mystic roses nestled in her long tumbling curls with ribbons of silver and violet, a silver sapphire pin, a pair of sparkling diamond earrings in the shape of a starburst, a pair of elbow-length white satin gloves with diamond clasps, a pair of delicate white lace slippers with silvery ribbons which tie about the ankles and an exquisite low cut gown of diaphanous white satin with a train of silvery laces that caught the light with every movement. I was stunned for a moment with such beauty.

The groom himself did not disappoint me either. He was wearing a Ralph Lauren tuxedo with silver piping on the lapels and cuffs, a white satin shirt with some silver trims, a beautifully crafted grey vest with diamond-like buttons, a pair of white breeches with a double band of black and silver down each leg and a translucent crystal-like red rose pin. He was stunningly handsome as if he was popped out from one of the top men’s fashion magazine.

This was the most spectacular wedding ceremony that anyone had attended and I would gladly claim that I had participated in the memorable moment for years to come. After all, I was also dressed in my best tuxedo during the group photography session?

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Written by crizlai on Jun 10th, 2009 | Filed under: hobby, life, love, parenting, rant


It had been said that children are the pillars of our future and they ought to be trained well to face the challenges that await them. Instead of spoiling them to be takers all the time until they had lost their directions to accomplish something great in their lives, they should be guided in their early ages to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge which would be beneficial to them in the future. One good way would be to get them involve in hobbies. Not only would acquiring a hobby help them in their lives, it could even take on a life of their own.

In our ever changing society, there would always be something that we could not see but require our experiences to face them. Surprisingly, such experience could easily be acquired from our childhood years through our involvements in hobbies. You would ask why and how. The reasons are simple. Hobbies can teach a child on the skills of being patient, management, determination, motivation, leadership, accomplishment and so on.

Many parents had the wrong perception that getting a child involved in a hobby might affect their school works and studies. Moreover, it would be a waste of time and money and there would be no future in whatever hobbies they had acquired. You are totally wrong as you had stopped your child’s learning progress unknowingly. You should allow your child some alternatives to find their own interests and grow from there as children are naturally inquisitive human beings.

By sending them to art classes would not mean that they had to be artists having unstable income by the streets. Have you tried thinking out of the box? By doing so you would have helped them a lot in increasing their concentration and determination to get an object drawn perfectly. Moreover, it would also develop their creativity and imagination to look at things from different angles. What about getting them to play piano? Don’t you think they would be more focused and attentive with full concentration if they were to be immersed in such a hobby? Think of the life skills they may acquire for their future and you would be glad that you are part of their future successes.

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Written by crizlai on Nov 15th, 2008 | Filed under: christmas, family, gifts, life, love, product, rant









It is Christmas time again just around the corner where we deck the halls with red and green, gold and silver, tinsels and mistletoes of every color. There will be snow and sleet in other parts of the world but here we celebrate under the beauty of the tropical sun. However, the spirit of Christmas is still prevalent with many shopping malls bringing out their grandest and tallest Christmas trees. This is the season of shine and glitter. It is also the season of spreading peace, love and joy throughout the world.

Christmas has always been a season where extra care and special thoughts are part and parcel of the celebration. The painstaking of choosing, buying and wrapping every single gift is the cherished effort that both giver and receiver are delighted and happy. There are so many types of gifts within everyone’s budget available in shopping malls as well as online gift shops. What should I get for my loved ones this year?< Every since I had watched a Taiwanese movie where this guy had an alarm clock with his father’s voice which sounded like “Chip chip chip… XXXX… Time to wake up”, I had been trying real hard to get one for myself as well as for my loved one but without avail. The next alternative I sourced online was some talking watches that can tell the time in clear voices. These could be a real cool Christmas gifts too. I think I would purchase a set of “His & Hers”. Don’t you think this would be ideal for couples like us?

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Written by crizlai on Oct 4th, 2008 | Filed under: acne, beauty, friends, friendship, life, love, rant









During certain time in our journey through life, there would surely be a time where we will seek more love not from our family but from those whom we once considered as strangers. We go on dates to find the person who would be our soul mate for a lifetime. This would be the time when two parties get to understand each other better. I have many of those sweet memories, especially during my teenage years. Strangers became friends. Friends subsequently come and go as time went by, each having their own dreams to achieve something wonderful in their life.

There was this case which I could not erase from my memory. This girl in my school has always been teased at for having some bad acne problems. Well, some of us would experience that somehow during our adolescent years. It was a matter of having those pesky acne problems to be under control or having them going wild. Coming from a below average family with many siblings, she could not afford getting any products for her facial woes. Seeing her problem then, I managed to get her the acne cure that has been lying around my room for ages ever since my minor acne problem was cured.

Today, she has grown up to be a successful woman filled with confidence. Her beauty is simply flawless in my eyes as well as those guys who had teased her when we were still in high school. In fact, she has become one of the top air hostesses in our local airline company. I just received a call from her asking me out for a date this weekend. I was like stunned. There are so many handsome pilots around her and with her limited time back in our hometown she asked me out? I am still pinching my cheek now in disbelief. Why me? Why me? I do not have the answers now but I would surely want to find out more when we meet up later on.

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