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Written by crizlai on Dec 30th, 2008 | Filed under: accidents, awareness, cars, insurance

How many of you realized that almost any objects that are lying idle in you car could be a deadly weapon? Most of us would go on with our daily lives, thinking that accidents will not happen to us as long as we have our safety belts on. On top of that, tens of millions of autos on the road today have crash tested well and feature air bags and antilock brakes, giving the driver a sense of safety on the road.

You are totally wrong as there are still many more hidden objects that you would not even consider as deadly weapons in case of accidents. Who would realize that with higher speed limits permitted in most countries, unsecured cargoes within the car can cause major impact on the driver as well as the passengers? People are largely unaware of what can happen in collisions. The forces are extreme. After the collision outside, there are always collisions inside. Both can wreak havoc.

In a crash, any object with an edge can become a blade while blunt objects can become sledgehammers. Do you know that a plastic card lying loosely on your dashboard could slash through your neck during high impact? Even a half finished bottle of mineral water could give out such an impact on the head to cause brain damage. What about golf clubs, tennis racquets or even an uncapped ball pen? In a crash, any of these objects could turn into a deadly projectile.

It’s easily said than done as most of us have the habit of throwing practically anything at our back seats. Just look at the number of cars you have been into with no secured cargoes. I’m quite sure the answers to your little survey would be rather scary only a minority of car owners would leave their car spotlessly clean with no loose objects. No matter what, get a car insurance quote from your nearest insurance agency as you may not know what would happen when you least expected.

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