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Written by crizlai on Jun 28th, 2008 | Filed under: air conditioning, automobile, life, product, rant









The weather has been humid over here with a 74% humidity and barely 1mph of wind. How could I have withstood such a high temperature in this country? Everyone has been cursing and rinsing off their nonstop flow of sweat from the forehead. The traffic jams over has not been any better too.

I think it is time to check the air conditioning system for my car. Even tuned to full blast, I am still sweating. Something is surely not right about the cooling system. I will need to get one that can control the filtration, air movement, temperature and humidity in my car and not one that ended up like a heater.

I have a problem here as I know nuts about the car’s air conditioning system. What could be wrong? There are just so many parts ranging from the a/c compressor, a/c receiver drier, a/c expansion device, a/c condenser and so on for me to identify. Hmm… who is the a/c compressor expert here? I have a feeling that this part might be the culprit.

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