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Do I ready need to have at least one reading magnifier in my possession? That is the question I have always asked myself. The answer is yes. It is not that I have poor eyesight or am getting too old to see things clearer. The reason is that nowadays a lot of the labels especially the prescription labels are with such small prints that it strained the eyes just to be able to read them.

On top of that, some of the clauses in an agreement are typed so small that it would be risky if you did not read and understand them well prior to signing up. There are many type of reading magnifiers around the market place, ranging from lighted table top magnifiers, hand held magnifiers, pocket magnifiers, to LED illuminated magnifiers for you to choose. Get one today as you might not know when you really need it urgently.

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I have been trying to trim down that fatty waist line of mine for ages but each time I have the urging nagging from the inner self to do so, I ended up giving excuses to start exercising the next day. Those yummy food projects that I am having now have always stopped me from exercising but will it save me from getting into more health related issues later?

I always asked myself, “Why do I lack the enthusiasm?” Is it really that difficult for me to start doing some exercise? Although I am a workaholic, that should not be the main excuse. Isn’t this the same scenario in all of us here? There is always some sort of excuses for everything that is related to exercising. Is it the companionship? Is it the dread of getting sweaty and smelly all over the body? Is it the fear of tiring every muscle in the body and turning into a whimpering and exhausted weakling towards the end of the day and not able to continue with the never ending piles of workload?

Later, I had the typical idea of slimming down through one of the best diet pill companies that my friend had recommended. Initially, everything went on smoothly until the temptation of all the delicious food crept their way unconsciously into my dreams. Temptation overruled the determination to get a slim and fit body. Days after days of postponing the diet programs ended up to years of ignorance. In the end, all turned into laziness, laziness and more laziness. Workouts were replaced with endless eat-outs. There is still tomorrow as I would always tell myself but it will never be a reality as tomorrow will never come as it will always be replaced by today.

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The more I think about life, the worst my migraine gets. It is so bad that I have to wear sunglasses to stare at the bright screen of my computer or I would feel nausea. How many of you have encountered this experience of acute brain ramming headache when you sit down and decide on what you have to do with your life? After all, this is the normal progression of the human life cycle where you would start with birth, education, career, marriage, purchasing a home, having children, career development, child’s education plans, entrepreneurship, retirement and finally coaching the next generation to take up your businesses.

On top of that, you may even have the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly worries of footing all sort of bills of which medical bills ranked the first position as age catches up. Life can be so challenging. It is always filled with many surprises, options, choices and twists. No matter how organize we are in planning our life, our needs changed drastically due to certain circumstances and situations. One moment things will be moving so smoothly without any hiccups. The next moment you might be in a traumatic stage that you would not want to be alive.

Being given the opportunity to live on is God given but yet we are still not spared from the grasp of the Angel of Death. The word might sound taboo to many but we have to face the fact that every being that are brought into the world would someday leave the world. Nothing stays permanent. Looking deeply into the unknown with the wildest imagination can sometimes be a headache. Worst still if you have not even start planning your life at all.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” This is what made me having my migraine now because I have wasted many precious years not having any plan and now I am struggling to plan my life all together. No wonder my doctor put me on Botox for migraines as it surely gave me lots of mental relief. So, start planning your life now as you would not want to end up just like me.

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If you based on the natural order of life, only then will any therapeutic efforts be successful in the long run. It is important to have sufficient rest during the night as well as a good sleep in order balance the body and soul in order to recover from any acne problems. As a person sleeps nightly, any irritated functions are able to recover better due to the entire organism being run on economical energy. The daily routine should be planned in a way that stress at work would be replaced by times of relaxation and tranquility.

Diets also play an important part in ensuring that any acne problems would be eradicated soon. Consume more fruits and vegetables as they contain the require vitamins and fiber in improving the gastrointestinal system. Eat less fatty food such as hamburgers or those food cooked in a great amount of oil. Alcohol and chocolates are some of the other food which required minimal or no intake to enable acnes to recover speedily.

There are so many heavily paid advertisements on acne products in the market place. The most important decision still lies in your hands on how you would like to recover or avoid having acnes. My advice is to go for the natural acne treatments as most people with acne problems have sensitive skins. Do not forget that you are what you eat. If you want to be free from any health or acne related problems, stay healthy, eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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