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I could still remember vividly that night when it happened. I was on a bike and had a collision with a dog on the road. The dog appeared be unharmed and ran away but I ended up be flung onto the road with bruises and swell on my right hand and right ankle. There was not much blood as I was wearing a long sleeves jacket and jeans on that night. Luckily I was not speeding and there were no oncoming cars or else I would be in heaven by now.

I was still able to walk although the weight of my big bike was right on top of my right ankle, and visited the nearest clinic. My face was all green from the mild shock I had when the doctor checked on my wounds. Bodily aches and pain crept in not long after that and the doctor prescribed Nurofen 400 to me as well as some Acriflavine to apply on the wound.

Everything was fine until I took the medication provided by the doctor. I thought being a bit drowsy was fine but it got worst. The world was twirling and swirling right in front of my eyes. My eyes became watery and itchy and my face was swollen. I tried to get up many times but was pinned down by the heaviness I felt on the head. It was like a living hell as I had to suffer for a whole day before the side effect went off.

I was again lucky to be alive. I found out through another doctor friend of mine that I had experienced an allergy reaction to NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and the culprit is ibuprofen which was in the Nurofen tablets that I had consumed. Can you imagine the danger of not knowing what was in the medicine when you are staying alone? From then onwards, I studied and worked closely with an allergist on the drugs that I am sensitive to and got the list engraved on a medical bracelet. I might have escaped death this time but I might not be so lucky the next time.

If you have history of severe reactions because of drug allergy or aspirin sensitivity, it is advisable that you wear one of the assortments of medical id bracelets easily available in the market. This is to ensure that in cases of emergencies, the attending personnel will be alerted on the medications that you are allergic to.

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I am getting panicky to go for my blood test this weekend. After getting the last test result, my results were so poor that I could just collapse anytime with the bad cholesterol overpowering my good cholesterol levels. My body index and weight were blah blah blah. Do I need to say some more? In short, I am getting too fat and not watching over my diet properly.

Through research, a normal person should have a balance diet which consists of about 55% of carbohydrate, 30% of fat and 15% of protein. Anything that exceeded that percentage will eventually make you a walking time bomb. A high consumption of fatty food will cause potential heart disease and cancer. A high protein will cause the body to lose calcium, thus making the bones brittle prone to accidents.

Many people recommended Phentermine without a prescription by a certified dietitian. The problem with this product is that it is too costly during this economy dilemma. On top of that the product is rather hard to get in the market. Maybe I should consider looking into the possibilities of obtaining more reasonable products such as Orovo, Nuphedragen, Noxycut, 7-DFBX, CurvaTrim, HydroxyCut, AmbiSlim PM, TrimSpa X32, 72Hr Slimming Pill or LipoSeduction.

I have not tested out the products myself but I guessed that if those who had tried out the products and got some improvements out of them, should know if those products work well or not.

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The car is the second most common mode of transportation in most part of the world. In terms of fatal road accidents, the major cause of such fatalities is head injuries due to ignorance to wear proper safety belts. What about the remaining causes of the fatalities? Anybody knows? Well, not many people realized the dangers of loose objects in the car which caused the remaining fatalities. We usually go on with our daily lives, thinking that accidents might not happen to us. Although buckled in, just tell me how many cars do not have water bottles, stationeries, or at least a mobile phone in it? Nobody gave them some thoughts. Why would they? No matter what, a little bit more of precautions would not hurt us a bit.

There are tens of millions of autos on the road today, well crash tested and have air bags and antilock brakes to give the driver a sense of safety on the road. The speed limits have increased and SUVs as well as MPVs have multiplied. Most people have sought their vehicles into second living rooms where hidden dangers abound, from a plastic card on the dashboard to tennis racquets and golf clubs in the back. In a crash, any of these objects could turn into a deadly projectile. In a real case, a man’s neck was slashed by a credit card that was lying on the dashboard. Surprisingly, he was just a back seat passenger who survived the ordeal with minor injuries.

A spokesman from the US Highway and Auto Safety once said that loose cargo and unbelted riders are safety issues that drivers overlook. ”We’re losing more lives and suffering more injuries than we realize.” Did those collisions result in serious injury? Not necessarily. It is the loose objects that created additional risk. No matter what, check your car regularly. Get an auto insurance quote from the nearest insurance company. Anything can happen when you least expected. I read about the car safety guidelines in details but why were all these never even mentioned the safety guidelines when we apply for a license or even purchase a car? The necessary authority ought to highlight the dangers of loose objects in the car.

I'm thirsty for a drink now. Would you be kind enough to treat me?

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