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If you suddenly feel that you have lose the urge for a healthy lifestyle once you have reach 25 years old, you should check your testosterone level right away. Testosterone deficiency could create metabolic issues almost immediately or the long term consequences could affect a person’s mood swings. These include depression, gaining muscles, fat loss, constantly feeling fatigue, poor libido, lack of concentration and occasional memory loss.

With our present stress-filled lifestyle and not having a balance diet, exercise or even rest, the productivity of testosterone would decrease as age catches up. Thus, the feeling of reduced zest for life began to occur in you. Just ask yourself these few questions. Have you been constantly involved in duties that required stressful long hours? Have you been sleeping late due to urgent matters to be settled without any more delays? When was the last time you thought of having some active bed activities with your partner? Do you get tired more easily than ever? There are more to testosterone deficiency than the ones mentioned above but the more important thing now is to get that testosterone level up.

By raising your testosterone level, you would gain more muscles to your abs while burning off those fats easily. You moods would be enhanced with the necessary aggressiveness and confidence. Healthy libido would not be a problem to you too. There are many natural testosterone remedies available in the market which would be packaged either in cream or pills. Both would equally help you in building up the man in you.

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I’m sure by now most of you would have watched Columbia Pictures’ and Sony Pictures Animation’s animated movie named “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” with your children at the theater? It was about a scientist, Flint Lockwood, who tried to solve the world’s hunger problems only to see things go awry as food falls from the sky in abundance. Of course, there’s the greed factor when there’s this great invention. Mayor Shelbourne schemed to use Flint’s latest invention for his own personal gain. Towards the end, not only did the mayor’s greed created havoc in the small town, he grew so huge by eating nonstop all the high-carb food that he could barely walk.

It’s a great lesson for us to note that eating lavishly on high-carb food all the time might not be good for the body. Although the food had been presented right in front of us so conveniently, there should be some limitation to our food intake. You need to stick to it, do not go on and off the diet. It would be harder to lose weight each time you go back on as your metabolism would become more resistant to the changes.

I guessed Mayor Shelbourne would need to check out right now if he would want to have a healthier lifestyle.

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Oh no! What have I eaten this morning that caused my whole body to itch nonstop? It couldn’t have been the slightly toasted whole meal buns I had with a little spread of butter for breakfast. I had those for breakfast almost daily. I’m so sure those extra spoonfuls of cereals I had added to my hot chocolate did not do any harm either. Neither would a few slices of honey melon in my diet would be blamed for the allergy. What could it be then? It really baffled me.

Recently, I had many encounters with such bad experiences. I would get this great deal of misery and discomfort and the next day it would just disappear. It’s just too mysterious! I tried tracking my food consumption but without any strong evidences that the food intakes were the culprits behind my allergies. It could be just anything from harmless food, bug bites to air pollutants. At times, while sitting down my work place, I would suddenly have runny nose after some stretches of irritated eyes. That’s really weird as the whole working environment was in an extreme clean state with no one being sick either.

Since these frequent allergies did not happen at the same place, I could be certain that it’s some unknown allergens flying around the environment. Thus, this triggered my Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibody to fight against these invading substances by releasing further body chemicals which would result in an allergy reaction. I guessed it’s time I should seek an alternative allergy relief to ascertain a cleaner environment for me to live or work in. At least, I would be free from any more allergy attacks.

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Very often we do hear people of all ages laughing at another person’s disproportionately fat bodies and this had made quite a large quantity of those verbally abused victims trying out various weight loss programs available in the market place. But how assured will that person be in losing weight and yet doing it in a healthy way?

It’s true that we are what we consume but there’s a small mechanism in each individual that does not function identically. That’s called metabolism. Some people would puff up with just a small amount of food whereas others would remain as skinny as ever no matter how much they gobble up. In most cases, it would be the former as the statistics for obesity had increased quite significantly over the years.

There are many weight loss programs in the market and not all of them have medical backups to prove that they will work. In order to get one that will help in reducing the unwanted fat, you will need to study through all the programs available. This could be quite time consuming as it would involve in the checking of the many products available and comparing them based on effectiveness, speed, safety, long term results and value for money. No matter how you go about searching for the ideal solution, you should get the bestdiet supplements that work well for you. After all, we should stay as healthy as possible with healthier supplements.

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Yes, men do have similar PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) symptoms as ladies and it’s not a surprising fact too. The fluctuation of hormone levels can occur as many as 3-4 times a day for the rest of their lives. Some may call it mid-life crisis or even life pressures and these irregular mood swings are caused by depression and anxiety. It is DYSTHYMIA. Most men takes Dysthymia less seriously and most of the time this mild depression would be ignored totally, thus leaving them in a chronic and emotional state for many years. You might lead an unhappy life, work or education stress, financial burden and love relationships but if dysthymia is not treated earlier with the necessary measurement, it would eventually lead to severe depression. Some known dysthymia related outcome would be a high rate of suicide, work impairment and social isolation.

A lot of the guys out there are totally unaware that they had slowly slipped into depression as early as in their teens as most of them had adjusted to their worsening moods and were immune to it. For you guys out there, let’s get a piece of blank paper and answer some questionnaires on your life for the past 2 years as stated below. It’s either a “yes” or a “no”. There’s no “maybe” ok?

1. Do you have poor appetite or overeating problem most of the time?
2. Do you have inconsistent weight loss or gain without any diet plans?
3. Do you tend to feel lethargic or tired during at odd times?
4. Do you have prolonged insomnia or oversleeping problems?
5. Do you feel lost, sad or “blank” most of the time?
6. Do you tend to finish a task longer than it takes as your mind runs wild all the time?
7. Do you take a longer period to give an answer to a straightforward decision making?
8. Do you always feel that you are hopeless, guilty or lost interest in every task?
9. Do you always get irritated and temperamental easily over small matters?
10. Do you have persistent headaches, indigestive systems or chronic bodily pain that refused to response to any medication?
11. Do you feel unhappy, sad and negative as if the world owes you a lot most of the time?
12. Do you think you have been rather anti-social?
13. Have you ever thought of suicide or contemplating suicide?
14. Does your family tree have a history of with depression, alcoholism or nervous breakdowns?

So, how is your result? If you have more than 6 “yes” to the questionnaires, I think you would need to think seriously about getting your life straight again by seeking medical advice or natural treatment for depression. Everyone deserved to lead a happier life at all times.

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