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Written by crizlai on May 14th, 2010 | Filed under: awareness, health, life, lifestyle, rant


If you suddenly feel that you have lose the urge for a healthy lifestyle once you have reach 25 years old, you should check your testosterone level right away. Testosterone deficiency could create metabolic issues almost immediately or the long term consequences could affect a person’s mood swings. These include depression, gaining muscles, fat loss, constantly feeling fatigue, poor libido, lack of concentration and occasional memory loss.

With our present stress-filled lifestyle and not having a balance diet, exercise or even rest, the productivity of testosterone would decrease as age catches up. Thus, the feeling of reduced zest for life began to occur in you. Just ask yourself these few questions. Have you been constantly involved in duties that required stressful long hours? Have you been sleeping late due to urgent matters to be settled without any more delays? When was the last time you thought of having some active bed activities with your partner? Do you get tired more easily than ever? There are more to testosterone deficiency than the ones mentioned above but the more important thing now is to get that testosterone level up.

By raising your testosterone level, you would gain more muscles to your abs while burning off those fats easily. You moods would be enhanced with the necessary aggressiveness and confidence. Healthy libido would not be a problem to you too. There are many natural testosterone remedies available in the market which would be packaged either in cream or pills. Both would equally help you in building up the man in you.

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