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Have you heard about the Toronto‘s snow woes that sparked flight delays all across Canada? It was the worst nightmares for the staff of the country’s busiest airport as they had to handle dozens of delays and cancellations due to the major snow storm that had hit southern Ontario. Could you imagine there was as much as 25 centimeters of snow covering stretches from Windsor east to Kingston and as far north as Peterborough?

More than 350 of the 1,200 flights scheduled out of the Toronto‘s Pearson International Airport were either delayed or cancelled, causing a ripple effect within the connecting flights schedules.  Since the airport is one of the main connector hubs for flights to all points across Canada, delays affect schedules across the country.

The problem was that the airplanes could not leave their original airports due to the bad weather. Neither could most of the travelers who did not install snow chains to their tires to move through the snow filled roads to reach the airport on time. Everything just went havoc with the 60 km/h winds that reduced visibility on runways and roads alike. With the added rail cars to meet the increased volume, it did not help much in the long lineups. I guessed these woes would be gone once the weather conditions become more stable.

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When it comes to moving to a new place, I always encountered many problems. Sometimes, these problems caused so many hiccups that I dare not introduce such services to my friends again. It’s not the hard work of packing and unpacking that worried me but the price to engage someone to freight carried all the belongings to another place. Moreover, there was risks involved as I had personally experienced some of the items being lost somewhere along the way.

It’s only did I discovered about this 6’L x 7’W x 8’H moving pods that made me gain back the confidence on advising my friends who were moving places. Not only were these portable steel and aluminum waterproof, it is so secured that only you would hold the key to the locks. The good news is that you would be able to put a whole room of furnishing in it without worrying about any thefts.

I thought the price would be rather steep for such service but I was wrong. The price is reasonable and you can order as many as you want instead of paying a lump sum to the moving company. What a great convenience!

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You have seen and maybe use baby wipes when you have babies around the house. These wipes are safer to keep sensitive skin clean and healthy. Have you ever consider trying out wipes for adults? There are many brands available in the market place, ranging from adult wet wipes to adult disposable wipes.

To get the best wipes for adults as well as for babies, make sure that the wipes do not contain any chemicals, perfumes and alcohol. Some skins are sensitive towards these chemical contents and my cause irritation and rashes. If you want the best, do not ever purchase those not medical tested. After all, we need to keep our skin from any other undesired threats.

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Hmmm… Renaissance Lipoceutical Progesterone Cream. Lipo should have something to do with liposuction, the removal of fat deposits right? I wondered why CC could not just join one of those gyms or go for some jogging to get rid of her slightly flabby tummy. Day in and out I see her with numerous products, either to consume or to apply on her tummy. Gosh! She sure knows how to spend more than half of her monthly paycheck on these products and I do not even see her using them.

Hey CC! Why are you giggling? Honey! Did you read everything on label of the bottle? Err… no. You mean this is not one of those crème that you use to rub on your body for slimming? Wait! I check on the back of the bottle first. Progesterone creme relives and prevents symptoms of PMS, Perimenopause, and Menopause. Correcting and reversing the effects of Estrogen Dominance, Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis.

**embarrassed look**

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