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Written by crizlai on Dec 23rd, 2007 | Filed under: life, love, relationship








“I am in a bad mood. Do not disturb me. Just leave me alone!” Does this phrase sound familiar to you? We have been living in a life filled with complexity, a world where we have complicated personalities, complicated social and cultural environment and being simple is no longer in our vocabulary. We have lost all the simplicity even when we were a kid, chasing dreams, getting good education and gaining the experiences that we need in our lives. By knowing more and being literate, we tend to explore more into the unknown and thus complicate and confuse ourselves even more. We ended up being a questioner, a doubter or a skeptic.

The outcome would be that you will not believe and trust things or a person easily, unless you see them in your own eyes or experience them yourself. Even a relationship will turn sour because of the lack of trust to believe the other person. In a relationship trust and believe are the two main requirements. A person will always need a good relationship for his own psychological development. This is where we learn and grow. This is where we understand each other better with openness, sincerity, care, love, respect and patience.

Sometimes relationships become entangled when there is a lack of communication or miscommunication. Just remember this. No one is perfect. There is always a flaw in every single one of us. This flaw should not be used as a mean to spoil a relationship. Whatever dispute that may arise, it should end with love, understanding, respect and appreciation. Otherwise, it will not be called a relationship.

Relationship is when love exists to enable two people to stay together, understanding and appreciate each other unconditionally. Judging ideas and ideals on another will cause great conflict. “You have to”, “You must, “You should” are some of the expectations in a relationship that will hinder free communication between two people. In the end, you cannot change him and he cannot change you and the relationship will turn sour eventually. Changes will not happen overnight. The more you forced that onto a person, the more tension he will have to be even near you. The further apart will the relationship be. If you intend to commit yourself into a relationship, accept who the other are and not what you want him to become. If he is truly in love with you, he will change for the better without even being told.

On the other hand, some relationships can be quite strange. Strange? Indeed people are strange. When you love someone and you sacrificed all that you have and yet you felt so empty. You felt as if the relationship is so insecure because you have no feedback or reaction from the other party. It is not that the other party is not aware of your sacrifices, but deep inside him, he is aware of your existence. It is in the human nature that nobody would want to be indebted to anybody. If you have sacrificed for someone you love, just forget about the repayment. Take it as if it is a community service. If they remember, then you are in luck. If they do not and you reminded them of what you did, they will hate you forever.

Don’t you think that is strange? Don’t you think that the human mind is rather complex? When you think you know what the other would want but in the end you get confused over what is in the mind of the other? You will end up asking yourself whether you are with the right person. Whatever happened to a person is how it is. It is a matter of knowing it and not by judging what you see. As soon as you add to it in any way, it becomes more personal, emotional and complicated. This is not how life should be. Living life should be as simple as possible.

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