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Written by crizlai on Dec 28th, 2007 | Filed under: life, rant








Since the Stone Age, man created weapons merely for the sake of hunting for food. Subsequently, as food became scare, man used the weapons created to fight amongst each other to be the survival of the fittest. It has never stopped until today. War still exists. In the mind set of man, war is an inevitable part of life. Is the statement justified? Has the world actually stay peaceful without war? Will mankind ever reach the stage where there will be peace without war?

War will not occur just overnight. It is the result of tension of various kinds. It could be personal tension, international tension, political tension or economic tension, which bring out the worst in any man. It is the fear, hatred, suspicion, and vengeance accumulated from these tensions that created war. It is in fact from the reflection of wrongful thoughts in man himself that peace and happiness would not survive for a long period of time.

Even as I am rambling about the need of peace in our world, there is a war happening somewhere out there. The latest being the assassination of ex-Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in a suicide bombing in less than a few hours ago. The grand design of life would not be perfect at all time. It changes according to time. Even a flower may have its flaws. Why must we insist on examining its flaws rather than appreciating its beauty? Must man always deceive himself by having the disillusionment of “As I think, I will act” without considering other factors for a peaceful life?

It is all in the mind of man. Man will act irrationally towards his foolish thoughts. It is through his actions that the fortresses of peace will never be permanent. The cold chilling winds of war have been blowing all over the world, infesting the minds of mankind today. Man will never stop fighting, killing, murdering and wiping each other from the face of earth. In the end, who would win when there will be no one left on earth?

Why would man want to be the conqueror of war? Through the age of time, he will still be turned into the dust of the earth, with no love and gratitude from anyone. Neither will he earn the hearts of mankind. Isn’t it better to be the conqueror of hearts, where the kindness and compassion emitted from his heart be honoured and remembered in the mind of generations to come?

Peace will only come in when man live in harmony with the natural laws of having good principles in life. Nothing can bring peace except man himself. Conflicts do happen in life. With the ability to cope with it, and understanding the cause and effect of it, war will no longer be an inevitable part of our life. Just remember this. “It is not your position that makes you happy or sad; it is your disposition that will decide on how you would want to be.”


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