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That is the question I have been asking many people who have given up hope for a better life. The reason is that those people refused to adapt to the changes in their life although they had been given the opportunity to do so foto's downloaden itunes. All it takes is to change their mind sets, fill it up with a little self discipline, self motivation and self development to survive comfortably in the ever challenging world of ours video herunterladen iphone. If others can be successful in life, why can’t we? There is something definitely not on the right track in their life journeys.









Just look at the case of Faith, a dog who was condemned to the furnace download biene maja pictures for free. If a dog has not given up hope, will power, determination and faith in surviving, why should we as a human think that we are useless? Sometimes, I wonder whether those pessimists had taken the time to analyze what had gone wrong in their life download firefox pdf automatically. Time is what they have and time is what they have been using carelessly away by not finding any solutions. If a person is unemployed and having financial woes, sitting at home and not doing his part in finding a job is pointless Download private video from youtube. Money would surely not drop from the heaven or grow on trees unless a person earns it through legal means.

Coming back to the case of Faith the bipedal dog, five years of having to live by having two feet to support its body is something to be amazed with herunterladen. She is a Labrador-Chow Chow mix breed female dog and was born in December 2002 with only 3 legs. Its left front leg was amputated at 7-months old when it was found to be deformed and useless deutsche mp3 kostenlosen. With some compassions from the Stringfellow family and constant hardship of training by a canine trainer, she survived the oddity of life by proving that even a handicapped dog can make his own life better patience downloaden op pc. Why not us?









Faith had visited many schools and taught the children on empathy and raising funds for stray animals hearts of iron kostenlosen. At least she has a mission in life. Do we?









A book has been published about Faith entitled “With a Little Faith” gif on pc. If you check through YouTube, you can see Faith and her owner, Jude Stringfellow, featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Montel Williams Show as well as Ripley’s Believe it or Not. You can learn more about Faith at

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