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We often have many problems in our life that we cannot even settle. When it comes to the lives of others, we tend to think that we know what will the best for the other person. Are we really sure that we are even qualified for that? Sometimes we think that we are real smart in solving any life issues but it does not always appear to be that way.

Everyone has different thoughts and thus they think differently. It is the mind that controls the body and not vice versa. When the mind can fool the body, so can it in deceiving others on how they will look or think upon us. It is said that it is difficult to read the mind of others in order to find out about a truth, although truth is such a simple thing in life. The mind will work in a defending mode to close up the truth. That is why the human mind is such a complex matter.

Speech is one of the actions that are controlled by the mind. Most of the time, a person will try to cover up a wrongful action by lying. Lies will not stay closed forever. Someday and somehow, with the habit of one lie covering another, a person may be caught red handed as he/she will surely forget what was mentioned in the first lie. So, it is better to live a life of pure actions rather than a life of deceptions.

Let us work on how different it is to know what will be the right answer of another person based on your thinking power to analyze on an issue. If you think you are as smart as the Japanese Crime Solver Kindachi, Conan Detective, Sherlock Holmes or even a member of the Q Detective School, try solving the following simple mysteries and compare them with my answers.

1. A woman has been found guilty of murdering her boyfriend. All the evidence was conclusive and she had confessed to the crime. When she came up for sentencing, the judge has no choice but to let her go. What was the reason(s) behind the pardon?

2. A man walked into a restaurant and asked for a glass of water. Suddenly, the waiter pulled out a gun and pointed at his head. The man was shocked but he says, “Thank you” and walked out happily. Why was the man so happy?

3. A man took his wife for a holiday in Italy. His wife was murdered there and the Italian police found no evidence to convict anyone of the murder. When he went back to USA, the American police arrested him for murder. Why did the American police arrest him while the Italian police did not do so? What was the proof that the American police have?

4. A man had an important appointment at the ninth floor of a building and he was late. When he reached his destination for the meeting, he pressed the fifth floor button of the empty lift and walked all the way up to the ninth floor panting away. Why did the man press the fifth floor button when he was late for the meeting?

So, did you manage to solve all the problems above? Do you think that you had the ideal answers? Maybe what you thought might not be what I was thinking. Here are the answers to my questions. If you have other answers, please share with me here.


1. She was born as a Siamese twin and the judge has no right to arrest another half who was not guilty of the murder.

2. He was happy because the waiter gave him such a fright that it cleared him of the hiccups he was having then.

3. The Italian police could not arrest him because they did not know that he has bought only one return ticket back to USA. The American police on the other hand have proof of his intention to murder his wife.

4. He was a midget who was too short to reach the ninth floor button. Since there was no one in the lift, he had no choice but to press the highest button that he could reach.
The answers might sound ridiculous but those were what I had in mind to brighten up your weekend with a touch of humour. Anyway, have a great weekend ahead.

P.S.: Sorry for the lack of posts as I had problems with my internet access due to my ISP network problems and an unaccounted for DNS Trojan virus threat.

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