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Written by crizlai on Apr 22nd, 2008 | Filed under: home, living, tips









It is hardly surprising that the bathrooms of today do not resemble those of yesteryears. Trendy, modern and custom-designed accessories have replaced the once dull, unattractive and lack of sophistication fixtures of the olden times. Elegance and creativity gladly prevail in the bathroom décor of most homes today.

Even a simple bathroom can be just as appealing as its more extravagant counterparts. The best part is that there is no fix set of rules or look to abide. Simplicity also means flexibility and more forgiving towards the wallet. The center theme of a simple bathroom revolves around optimal level of comfort and a tasteful mix and match look. The look can be from carefree, smart casual, all the way to eclectic.

By applying creative coloring scheme, unique tilework, a different combination of accessories such as patterned shower curtains, potted plants, pedestal sinks, tropical look mirrors, wall posters or even some stuffed toys and personal memorabilias will make the whole atmosphere personal and cozier. There is no limit at all on how creative you can be in making that most inner sanctum of your house a relax place to be.

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