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Written by crizlai on Aug 5th, 2008 | Filed under: diet, food, health, life, rant









During my younger days, I used to be a swimmer under the guidance of a national swimming coach. Although I was tanned from head to toes, I was extremely fit with a “V” shape body and all the girls would drool over me. Ever since coming out into the working world, everything changed. No longer had I the time to go for any sort of exercise with the amount of working stacking on my table each day. As a result, I cannot even see my toes now!

From a fit 50kg person, I ended up as a fat 85kg person. I did not even realize that I had bloated up so much until signs of sickness began to show up one after another. My body got weaker and seemed to be attracted to those seasonal viruses within the air. Finally, I did a full blood test and the results were real shocking. I was like a walking time bomb and the percentage of having heart failure was high. I could even become a diabetic as my glucose level was also extremely high.

My doctor put me on a strict diet with a long list of dos and don’t. I was given pills to cut down on my cholesterol level and some natural diet pills to help burn off that excess fat in me. I was skeptical at first as I was a person who lives to eat and not eat to live. I doubted my lack of motivation to finish the diet course. Surprisingly, after weeks of staying at home to cook my own healthy meals instead of going out and get tempted by the amount of nice food, I lost 5kg. Seeing the possibility of reducing my weight within such a short period, I monitored my food intake and lost another few kilograms.

Presently, I am maintaining a 60kg body weight. I got healthier now with less sickness and I feel just great to be able to perform my tasks with better concentration and speed. Losing weight is not so hard after all. All you need is a bit of determination to strive for a healthier lifestyle. If I can do it, why can’t you?

I'm thirsty for a drink now. Would you be kind enough to treat me?

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