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Written by crizlai on Apr 30th, 2008 | Filed under: diet, exercise, health, home, life, rant









I was down with fever for 10 days just a few weeks ago and I lost 15lbs. I was happy with the lost but this is not what I should be doing. I should not be torturing the weak body to sustain more injuries in the future. A healthy body would not get sick so easily. To rectify the problem, I started taking in more nutrients and healthy diets. The longer I went into the non-meat diet, the more I longed for those fatty steaks and burgers.

Within a few days of forcing myself into those supplements which I considered tasteless now, I went into food blogging and ended up eating more lavish and fat content food. I gained more pounds than I ever expected. After every meal, I will laze about not doing anything and the body just bloated up like nobody’s business. Each time I tried to motivate myself to get out of the house to have some exercise, I would just stumble back onto my chair thinking of where to go next for more delicious food.

I thought this is life but I got the perception all wrongly planned. I got weaker and lazier as the time went by. Seeing this situation and how bad a shape I was in, my friend dragged me to the gym for a few days. Initially, it was fun but subsequently after the muscle cramp from each session, I gave up. I also hated the trouble of dressing up in nice sportswear and drive all the way to the gym under such hot humid weather.

Finally, I thought of another way to get those fat burned off in the comfort of my home. I bought myself one of those viewpoint treadmills that combined entertainment and at the same time make me exercise for a fitter body. Not only did I get to monitor my workout progress through the 7” built-in flat screen but at the same time I get to do what I love most – watching my favorite movies through iPod with Theater Quality Sound System. Now this is what I call life and I have never regretted getting such wonderful exercising equipment. If I can do it with ease, why can’t you?

I'm thirsty for a drink now. Would you be kind enough to treat me?

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