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Written by crizlai on Dec 26th, 2008 | Filed under: books, hobby, life, rant









An English philosopher by the name of Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Natural abilities are like natural plants, they need pruning by study. How right he was that without reading up more books or getting more information through the easily accessible internet, you would not gain much knowledge and abilities to excel better in life.

I have the tendency of creating things out from the norm, making me a step more successful than most people. Being creative is surely not an in-born thing as many would have presume as it took me years of reading up and learning through trials and errors to get to that perfection I have instilled within me now. One thing I have learned was to break out of the boundaries that had enclosed my creativity and think out of the box.

I often asked myself. Is that the best I can do for what I’m doing now? Is that the standards I have set for myself or should I have higher aims? Did I manage my time and manpower well to get a task done without any hiccups? Am I working in the right establishment or environment to have the peak in creativity? Am I self motivated? Am I the master or worker to my trade? Do I have goals? Am I getting enough of feedbacks for whatever proposals I have in hand to make the project successful? Have I proven myself to be the cream of the crowd to gain respect? What are the values in my life? These 10 points as I put it as the Ten Commandments of My Life have been circling my head for ages, making me a Thinker all the time to get the best of what I have been doing.

The won’t be any solutions in life if you were not well read to understand the way of life and how to counter them if certain situations were to appear. It may just well be a day old newspapers, magazines, novels or even your old textbooks, there will always be rooms in your head to absorb more knowledge. Everyday is a learning process and you would not be too old to learn up something new. What’s holding you back when a journey of a thousand miles will only need your initiative and motivation to begin with the first step?

I'm thirsty for a drink now. Would you be kind enough to treat me?

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