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Written by crizlai on Nov 9th, 2008 | Filed under: acne, beauty, life, product, rant









I was at a wedding reception of my best friend recently and it was the worst experience that I had for many years. It has nothing to do with any hiccups during the reception but the experience of forcing myself to be there, left a deep scar on my face to meet anyone for some time to come. Of all the days, it has to be two days before the function, to get acnes popping up right on top of my nose. It was really embarrassing. I even overheard in the rest room that someone sarcastically called me Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.

Well, that was a blessing in disguise. Without those comments during the reception, I would not have pushed myself forward to do more researches on acne related problems. Thus, I would not have discovered Zyporex at all. This is one product that has all natural ingredients, economical and yet powerful enough to wipe out all the acne related problems within the shortest period of time. I had hit the jackpot!

Not only did my acnes heal fast, the product made my face smoother, cleaner and clearer. Even some of my previous acne scars began to fade away miraculously. No one product that I had tried before was as effective as this one. It was the best value for money product and I had saved a lot on dermatology fees. I would be buying a few bottles to stock up soon to recommend some of my friends who had frequent acne problems. So far, none of those I had recommended has any negative feedback on this product. Don’t you think that this product is wonderful?

I'm thirsty for a drink now. Would you be kind enough to treat me?

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