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Written by crizlai on Apr 9th, 2008 | Filed under: life, parenting, relationship








Do you ever stop for awhile and watch all the picture frames being displayed in your living room or you simply walk by without taking heed of whoever child’s photos being exhibit there? If you have never spent at least a split second of your time in looking at the photos, it clearly shows that you have practically no time at all in having watchful eyes over what your child has been doing. This may sounds bad as a child may accumulate bad habits in your absence and it may be too late for any rectification by the time you realized them.

There is no doubt that any child will often go astray if there is no proper guidance in his life. A child’s mind is like a glass of drinking water. It is so clear, so pure and free from any pollutants. If there is no guidance in showing that too much salt or sugar being added to that glass of water will be hazardous to the health of a child, how would he know? He will add in more and more each day without knowing how to stop. Eventually, he would become so sick that only professional medical advice would be able to help him. Isn’t that too late? How about the medical expenses and the after effect consequences that the child will experience?

Bringing up a child is not as easy as it sounds. It takes the responsibilities, commitment, effort and time of parents to observe those bad habit symptoms and correct them one by one. The most important thing is that parents must be there for the child at all times no matter how busy or stressful their lives would be. If you do not understand your child well, who else in this world will? Do not forget that a child’s emotions, habits, manners and characters derived from how well he is being polished by the parents to survive well in the society.

I have written earlier on the instincts of a child in growing up strong and having a stand in differentiating what is right or wrong. The instinct mentioned is the basis of emotion; emotion is the basis of habit and habit is the basis or manner and character which will be perceived by others. This is how the society judged on a person as mannerism determined the personality of a person. How good or bad a child may grow up to be depended on the causes mentioned above.

Knowing the importance of these causes, don’t you think it is high time to spend more time with your child and eradicate whatever destructive behaviors and habits that they might gather? You are your child’s eyes and ears at this stage. Hopefully that whatever you have taught them now will eventually make them your hands and legs when they have grown up to be successful in this world. So, take this as homework to observe the physical and verbal mannerism of your child this weekend. Are they good or are they bad? Take some action before it goes out of hands!

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