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Written by crizlai on Apr 16th, 2008 | Filed under: computer, rant, technology









What would you buy in this fast changing technological world of today to replace your current computer which has turned into a white elephant within just a few months? Should you get a laptop or a desktop computer? There is no right or wrong in getting either one as it all depends on your lifestyle and what applications you are going to use on it.

The main benefit of having laptop computers is the portability. You can practically take it anywhere, whether to the office or to your client’s place for some live presentations. With the easy access to the wifi connections in most of the hangout places nowadays, more and more people have opted for the laptop computer. Not only can they online to check their emails, they can even seal some deals outside of the office vicinity. This will indeed boost up sales for any companies.

As someone from the designing field, the only drawback I can think of having a laptop computer is the ability to process big graphical files. It tends to take up three to four times more to get a complicated graphic processed. Unless I get something which is far more technologically advance than a normal laptop configuration, it is just not up to my expectation. Moreover, the cost would be too high for me to justify the added cost.

On top of the disadvantages it posed to the designing field, I still got hold of a basic laptop computer. It is for the convenience sake of presenting to my client any files which they might not have the software to access. I still do all the complicated designing using my desktop whereas the end product would be transferred to the laptop for presentation purposes. All I can say is that laptops should be viewed as a purchase that should only be made when necessary.

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