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Written by crizlai on Feb 14th, 2008 | Filed under: life, rant


I am not talking about war here. Neither will I be talking about blood being splattered all over the place with the death of many guilty ones or of the innocents. What I am going to discuss here is on how we face life with endless of struggles and pressures in order to stay alive as a human on the surface of the earth.

Do you think that life is nothing but a vain struggle for survival? If you sit down and look deep into the life of the world population, you will notice a visible trend of all the happenings. It is always the same trend no matter where you go. It is either human against human, human against animals, animals against human, human against nature, nature against human or many other threats that we as a human has to face some time in our life. It is a struggle that no man can deny.

Firstly, let us discuss on the human aspect of life. Life seems to be worthless nowadays. The minds of some human are no longer satisfied with what was given. The greed for power, wealth and fame tend to cloud the mind, thus causing endless misfortunes, miseries and problems to the lives of others. There are nothing but insecurities and unhappiness around our lives. Have you not experienced the struggles to stay out of any intentional acts due to jealousy of others? What about being offended? Are you totally free from the countless grapevines that have been circulating around just by minding your own business? Well, if you have not encountered any of the above, do tell me the secrets on how to live life in peace and happiness. Do you think it is possible? Human may look as if they are united but they are actually mentally divided. Isn’t that typical in your life?

What about animals? We destroyed their natural habitats. We hunt them down for the sake of pleasure and caged them while they should be running freely in the wild. What would you do if you were the ones to be hunted down for doing no wrong? Any beings in the right mind would surely retaliate in order to survive. Don’t you think that living a life without intruding into the lives of others would be better? In the rapid modernization of human, the awareness of staying out from the lives of others hardly exist with only a minority of people believing in conserving what is left of the virgin earth.

Mother Nature itself is not spared either with evidence of the thinning of the ozone layers, global warming, La Nina, or El Nino. What causes these changes in weather? What about, mudslide, landslide, floods, droughts or even sharp drop in temperatures? Are these the cruel acts of Mother Nature or is it mankind themselves who heedlessly attacked the nature to get these treatments as revenge? It is obviously the wicked acts of mankind to go against the law of nature and pollute the whole atmosphere. Thus, these actions no doubt brought in many unaccounted epidemics and disasters for mankind to battle against.

Will these battles end? What do you think? It took earth many millions of years to be formed and it took only a few thousand of years for mankind to tarnish. I might not live long enough to witness the corrections of mankind but what I know is that the battle for a better and stress free life would not come that easily in years to come. Human are human. They just could not get themselves out from any battles without any united efforts. Can unity of the minds become a reality?

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