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Written by crizlai on Jan 15th, 2008 | Filed under: life, rant, test








Life is a series of test. In our life, we faced many difficulties. These difficulties are tests. In fact, our whole life is a school. From the time we first open our eyes until the time we close our eyes, we will not stop studying and gaining knowledge in our school. This may sound ridiculous but this is the facts of life.

In out school, we tend to face many failures, one after another. Did we ever give up? No, we did not. We kept on pulling ourselves upwards to pull through the ordeal of falling down. Do you not think that this is a test to see if we have reach the stage of maturity, the strengthening of courage, the trust in ourselves and in our life? No matter how we fair in the test, we will eventually know the results as we look back to them as experiences.

Do you think that it is good to be tested on and off? Through each test that we have gone through, we will know that life is just a subject; a subject that we grow and learn the true meaning of life. For each problem that we encounter, we will learn more on the solutions that we can apply in the future.

Gaining the knowledge alone will not help you pass through your tests if you do not know how to apply that knowledge tactfully. You will need to cultivate the habit of constant revision to update your knowledge of any new topics. Using the resources that you have gained, and applying them in your studies will eventually made you understand more on any typical situations. You will become more sensitive and analytically equipped to any topics thrown to you.

Do I sound confusing to you? Well, this is life. Life is meant to be confusing and complicated until you have reached the maturity to understand it. In short, life is how we want ourselves to be. If we fall down and decided not to pull ourselves back into the right track, we will never succeed in whatever endeavors. We will never stop learning. We will never stop absorbing good experiences that can help us grow. In fact, without the experiences that we have encountered throughout our life, we will not know how to be sensitive towards others’ feelings. Neither will we be able to share the love and appreciate someone you cared for full heartedly.

Have you reach that stage in life? I would admit that I have yet to reach the stage because I have not and will not stop learning how to be a better person until the day I leave this world. What I have learned throughout this life education is just a peanut hidden within its shell, wanting to break out to see the world out there. Until the day that I have not found the rich soil that would enable me to grow, I would still be facing the many threats of being roasted, broiled or even fried in my life cycle.

I'm thirsty for a drink now. Would you be kind enough to treat me?

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