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Written by crizlai on Apr 17th, 2008 | Filed under: internet, tips







Have you seen the latest features on Smorty, a service connecting advertisers with bloggers? Not only will bloggers will get paid for blogging and to review advertisers’ products and services in their blog, they will have the opportunity to be in their Referral Program to earn more. You can even check out their new Blog and Forum to learn more on how to blog for money.

What impressed me more is the newest addition of the Post Exchange feature. This is aimed to help to increase the page rank, search engine results (SEO), traffic and building a tighter community within its members. Bloggers of the same category and star ratings will write positive posts about each other and in exchange another different blogger will write a post about your blog. Although you will not get paid for doing so, this is a genius step to help each other members within the community. If it is not Smorty, who else would think of coming up with this wonderful feature?

Why hesitate when you can blog for money? Signing up is just a few clicks away. Approval would be within 2 days but mine was approved within hours. Don’t you think Smorty is really efficient and reliable?

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