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Written by crizlai on Jun 16th, 2008 | Filed under: diet, exercise, health, heavy, life, medical, rant









As I was mentioning earlier this week, I had my blood test taken today. Even before the results of my total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, total cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol ration and glucose analysis were to be out later this week, my blood pressure, body fat and body mass index readings were rather scary. Even when the medical assistant was reading the sphygmomanometer, she was practically looking at my whole body with a soft sigh.

Argghh… I hated that look in her eyes! True enough, she gave me a sharp stare and slapped me with the verdict, “You are overweight and your result won’t be great at all. When was the last time you ever go for some exercise or go on strict diet?” What? Exercise? Where do I have the time when I have piles of unfinished work lining on my table every single day? I do not even have time to walk to the pantry to get myself some coffee to freshen up a bit.

I have tried going through many diet exercises throughout my life but ended up heavier than before. Why? It is because I love to eat and food had always ruined my determination to lose some weights. I wanted to try out the many kinds of diet pills in the market but stopped myself from buying without proper dietitian’s advice. I think I better make an appointment with a dietitian soon to find out more on safe diet pills.

In the mean time, I will have to wait for my blood test results to be out at the end of this weekend before I can consult a dietitian. I hope that my sodium, potassium, urea, creatinine, urine FEME and specific gravity results would also be stable.

I'm thirsty for a drink now. Would you be kind enough to treat me?

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