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applying love in our life


Written by crizlai on Dec 29th, 2008 | Filed under: family, health, insurance, life, living, rant









Who would be the most important members in your life other than your own family? The answer is none. Most of the loves you had received and given were within your own family members. If there were any unforeseen misfortune, what would become of your family members if you were the sole bread earner? You won’t want to see them suffer for the rest of their lives without any compensation right?

It has become quite a norm for many people to steer away when someone approached them for some insurance coverage. I would understand if the person is fully insured and does not require more policies. What about a big majority of those who had just came into the working world? Did they know that the earlier age they get themselves some insurance policies, the lesser the premium is?

Here is a case scenario of a person who kept postponing his buying of a life insurance even after he got married. After a year or so, he finally had a child. Although his business had blossomed, he still refused to be committed, thinking that whatever he had earned through his working life would be sufficient for the welfare of his unemployed wife and child. Eventually, the economy crisis struck unexpectedly and business was not doing so well. He was struggling to maintain his monthly family expenses. Before the child even reached the age of 4 years old, he was struck with a terminal illness and eventually passed away. There were nothing much left to help his family pull through with life, except a skeleton company and a mortgage house. What a pity case!

What I do not understand here is why most people prefer to look at short term profits rather than looking at long term financial planning which could benefit everybody within the family. There are so many types of term life insurance rates that would be available to suit everybody’s budget. Moreover, you can upgrade your policies anytime to a higher coverage when you have met your financial stability. Would you not think about the benefits your loved ones would gain by you making the wise move to be insured right now?

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