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Written by crizlai on Jun 17th, 2009 | Filed under: health, living, rant


After reading Alex Haley’s wonderful novel titled Roots and watching the 1977 mini TV series of the same name, it got me interested in how the author managed to trace his roots as far back as nine generations. It was really amazing to trace his ancestors all the way to the grandmother of Kunta Kinte. That got me pondering how I could repeat that feat so that I could keep the family tree album complete in order to pass on to my future generation.

It was not an easy task since I had not much information on the paternal site of my family but I managed to get great results by relying on ancestry dna testing. The human DNA can be quite unique as it can be passed from parents to children relatively unchanged through many generations. The Y chromosome would be used for the paternal line whereas the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) would be examined for the maternal line.

Another important factor while looking up your ancestry would be your ancestors’ medical history. This would be on a precaution basis to check if there are any major diseases such as diabetes, heart related problems and so on that might be inherited along the line that could possibly affect the health of yours as well as the future generations. After all, prevention would be better than cure as medical treatments would not be so cheap nowadays.

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