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Written by crizlai on Aug 6th, 2009 | Filed under: decor, home, lifestyle, living, tips


After staying at the same house for many years, most homeowners would be hankering for a new look to freshen up the whole place. What would you do when you are living in a space constrained house and would want it to look like a lavish mansion without making any structural changes to its original layout?

There are many ways of making your dream come through by using the minimal approach of combining silver colored paint with some sand plywood furniture. Both compliment each other real well. Door and window frames can be painted silver to blend in with some silver blinds to give that soft lighting approach which would be most effective in defining the architecture of space.

By using a mix and match of pastel colors plus simple furniture of a sandy feel, your whole place would be turned into a sanctuary of your own. Using a few varieties of glass tile would give your home the additional sparkles to portray a sense of tranquility and eventually brighten up your days after a hard day’s of work.

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