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Written by crizlai on Nov 10th, 2009 | Filed under: awareness, body, diet, health, lifestyle, rant

To some races in certain countries, having a fatter belly symbolized prosperity. Although a bit cushioned, they still remained gorgeous in the eyes of many within their nationalities. On the other hand, some would categorize these people as being obese. Sexy to them means a size 2 and to be able to wear skin fit clothes that would showcase the shapely body. No matter what, having a fat belly somehow would pose a health threat to a person as they grow older.

A report had shown that there’s an increase in consumption of fat, saturated fat, sugar, salt and clarified butter product such as ghee, especially after the mushrooming of many fast food franchises in many countries. Most of the fast food is high energy dense, resulting in a consumer having more fat and calories intake than the body would need. Thus, more and more people nowadays are getting nearer to the stage of being obese with the lack of exercise. This unhealthy eating lifestyle would eventually lead to health risks.

Knowing your food intake and being aware of your diet would be the first few steps to ensure a healthier lifestyle. Once you get these facts right on how to lose belly fat, you would be on the right track towards a healthy living.

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