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Written by crizlai on May 11th, 2009 | Filed under: holiday, lifestyle, tips, vacation


I thought visiting Las Vegas might cost me a bomb but I was wrong when I visited the state not long ago. Of course, it was during weekdays where most of the visitors were busy working elsewhere. Accommodation wise, I had no problem as the rates would always be based on supply and demand. When there’s no much of events or holidays around the corner, hotels will supply good rooms at great rates.

Strict on budgeting myself and yet yearning to explore the beautiful Las Vegas, I set out sight seeing on the city buses. It was great as the unlimited rides cost me only $5 per day. Even the monorail had a 3-day pass with unlimited rides for merely $40. I had no problem with food either as I had sandwiches and fast food all the time. It cost me barely $12 per meal. Even with the strict budget, I could still managed to pamper myself with reasonably priced visits to the shark reef, wax museum and a few shows.

It does not mean that with a budget tight around your waist you could not go for a vacation. You can still do so by planning careful your itineraries and also to check with the local Vegas vacations counters on the best date to visit. After all, everyone deserved to get the much required vacation in his life.

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