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Written by crizlai on Nov 7th, 2009 | Filed under: awareness, diet, health, weight loss

Professor Andrew Prentice once quoted that “Our bodies were never designed to cope with the very energy dense foods. “ Where would you get the energy dense food other than from fast food. Research had found that most fast food is very dense in calories, thus resulting in the body consuming more calories than the body needed. The end result would be the risk of weight gain and obesity.

It may be a perception amongst diners that a small burger would not cause much weight issue without consciously realizing that the intake has many times more calories than any simpler meal. Towards a period of time, one would have unexpectedly gained weight through the bumped up calories intake. The size of many fast food portions can fool a person. It had become such a norm for many busy people just to grab something conveniently while chasing their careers. Have they ever realized how much harm these food are to their bodies? It’s only when they have received health warning do they hunt for ways to reduce their weights by dieting or go for some weight loss pills.

Do you think that your present lifestyle should be studied more carefully now? It does not mean that staying away from fast food alone would make you healthier. Other than white meat such as lean chicken, turkey or even Omega 3 enriched fish, you can always opt for grass fed beef, venison or bison. The most important part of a healthy diet lies in our consumption of more natural state food such as vegetables and fruits.

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