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Written by crizlai on May 24th, 2009 | Filed under: diet, health, life, rant


“Two-thirds of all American adults are on a diet to either lose weight or prevent weight gain. Of those, 29 percent are men and 44 percent women. Yet only 5 percent of these dieters will be successful at keeping the weight that they lost off.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

This is so true as many of us had the intention of getting rid of some fat at certain time of our lives but how many of us had really succeeded in maintaining those weight which we deem ideal? There are many products and solutions to a person’s weight problem but how safe are they towards the person’s health? Some might be promoted by means of extensive publicity. Some might even be mooted up in sales just because some celebrities found them to suit their bodies well.

You might ever hear a lot on the fat-free, low-calories and low in sodium Grapefruit Diet Plan where a glass a day would flush those fat oils away or the Cabbage Soup Diet Plan where you would lose as much as 10lbs a week. What you might not know is that some of these plans had some hidden steps and precautions such as the maximum weight consumption per day, necessary period to stay off the plan before proceeding to the next course or even a long list of items to stay off.

How effective would those plans be when most of us are working persons with barely enough time to monitor our food intakes? We spent most of our time in the office, thus grabbing whatever convenient during our lunch breaks. I personally find those plans to be quite inconvenient when I’m a person who travels a lot in my business. I would rather have some fat burner supplements that would be easy to carry about in my briefcase wherever I go. At least this would still help me to be in a better shape.

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