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Written by crizlai on Mar 3rd, 2009 | Filed under: home, lifestyle, living


Other than the sofas and tables for the living room, what else do you think would be the next important thing to have? What about a fire place? Maybe not, as not everyone would require one especially those from the tropical country. What about a bar counter? Again, not everyone would have that additional space to own one. Well, I would love to have some area rugs and some bean bags to laze in after a hard day’s work.

There are so many types of area rugs to choose from such as Contemporary, Modern Rugs, Rustic & Lodge Rugs, Traditional and Transitional Rugs. As for me, I would love to have some modern area rugs to liven up the place. What more the rugs would blend in well with my HDTV Home Theatre set and modern furniture. I’m sure my guests would surely be impressed with my choice of rugs.

With a crème set of sofas, I had decided to get one that would have a hint of a lighter shade of brown with some black designs. This would look nice with my custom made black display cabinet as well as my TV stand. Well, this will definitely fill up that bare looking areas in my living room. Moreover, I would love to have a place to laze on while watching my favorite movies. I guessed a medium sized rug would be sufficient but I’m still contemplating if I should get a larger one as I have quite a handful of visiting friends weekly. Should I get a medium or large sized rug now? I have to decide soon as my friends would be here this weekend.

I'm thirsty for a drink now. Would you be kind enough to treat me?

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