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Written by crizlai on Feb 10th, 2009 | Filed under: accidents, life, pets, rant









It is great to own some pets to keep the home environment more lively but there are also hiccups when you have just one too many at a time. That was what I found out… the hard way. Initially, I just told myself that having a pair of cats at home would surely make my life happier. Eventually, the two pets had another three kittens joined in the family just a few months later. Well, FIVE pets in the house would still be manageable. Subsequently, two strays came knocking at my front door with that Shrek’s Puss-In-The Boot pathetic looking eyes begging for food. Being a compassionate person, I fed them outside as they were fleas infested.

Just within the next few days, step by step and wit by wit, they managed to gain control over the house, making friends with the rest of the indoor cats. Well, SEVEN is still within my means to get them well fed and comfortable within the house. Out of the blues, the mother cat went out “partying” for a few days and I ended up with another two kittens 2 months later. NINE is quite a crowd but it’s still within my control as all of them had that innocent and well behaved characteristics.

As the kittens began to get older, situations here were rather chaotic. Each day they grew larger and became hyperactive. Day and night, they would be chasing each other endlessly upstairs and downstairs, inside and outside of the room. With all the rough play, they subsequently made a large hole on my plaster based wall. With so many of them within the house, I could not detect who was the culprit. It would well be the big and strong Jeremy or my wild little girl, Jolyn. What else could I do except to drag myself to the nearest material handling store to get that hole patched up? It was no longer fun anymore as there were endless streams of patching and fixing all the time. Although it did eat into quite a noticeable amount in my monthly budget, it’s still a commitment and responsibility I had set upon when I had decided to take care of the welfare of my pets since day one.

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