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Written by crizlai on Sep 23rd, 2009 | Filed under: acne, awareness, stress, tips

“… I hate my life as I was never happy and I don’t feel like waking up anymore in the morning. There was nothing else to look forward to as everyone who saw me called me ugly. Most of the time, I would consider suicide just to end all these stresses and word abuses…”

Believe it or not, that statement has been influencing the minds of many adolescents from all over the world just because they could not handle their acne problems. In a research by conducted by a university, it was found that 34% of young people with acne issues had thoughts of killing themselves while 13% had attempted suicide. At this age, image and identity plays an important role in their lives. Any adverse psychological effects would pose a danger and a risk of them committing stupid acts when they are so hard hit by their so called inferior complex.

I just wondered why they are feeling so stressed out when there are so many acne treatments out there to solve their problems. This is just another phase of growing up and everyone tends to face it at one time or another through their journey in life. Acne problems are just like any other dermal problems as they would need time to heal and you can’t expect them to just disappear overnight. All you need is the determination and courage to face them. After all, aren’t both factors part of our life training to move forward to become successful in the future?

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