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Written by crizlai on Jun 6th, 2009 | Filed under: acne, beauty, medical, stress, tips


What would you think would be the number one phobia, especially amongst the teenagers? I guessed most people would relate that to social phobia. You are not wrong either if you had acne as your initial answer. Through years of research by a few reputable organizations, it has been found that those who suffered serious acne problems tend to show a higher anxiety and depression levels. Thus, there would be more concern about self-esteem and self-image amongst those affected.

With a society that would take heed on the imperfection of another due to the looks, many acne problem individuals had fallen into the grasp of anxiety. Therefore, it would have a great impact on their lives, resulting in social phobia and social withdrawal. If this problem persisted, it would affect such person his or her entire life.

Acne problems should not be taken as a life threatening problem. It could be treated easily by getting the right acne skin treatment. There are many products available off the counter for milder cases while those with serious acne problems could consult the nearest treatment centers. The most important part of preventing acne would be by keeping your skin free from dirt, dead skin and oil. You could consider getting the right cleanser, exfoliate, toner and moisturizer for your skin. Do seek the right consultant for this purpose.

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